Anti-Obama Protester Attacks Reporter On Live Camera (VIDEO)

Jay Levine of Chicago's CBS-2 was struck by a protester shouting anti-Obama statements.

(from CBS 2-Chicago)

(from CBS 2-Chicago)

CBS reporter Jay Levine was accosted by an anti-Obama protester on the afternoon of April 2, and directly in front of a Chicago restaurant where the president was scheduled to appear.

As Levine began his on-camera address, an unidentified male ran up and attempted to wrestle the microphone away from the reporter while shouting ?Obama is a war criminal!?

Other staff of the local station grabbed the protester, holding him to the ground, and CBS 2 quickly cut to other pre-recorded video about the president’s visit.

Crew of the local NBC station, who were directly next to Levine as it took place, captured the incident and reported it on their evening broadcast, however.

Chicago police are visible in the CBS 2 broadcast that resumed shortly after.

For the video perspective of both stations, note the compilation below, posted on Youtube by former Rep. Joe Walsh:

The still-unidentified protestor was not arrested, Chicago’s NBC 5 reported.

The president had returned to his hometown to appear at fundraising events for the Democratic National Committee.


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