Clinton Leads Early Poll On Iowa Caucus

(all images from Wikimedia)

(all images from Wikimedia)

Hillary Clinton has an early – and sizable – lead for the 2016 Iowa caucus, a recent Public Policy Polling study finds, while Mike Huckabee is only slightly ahead of other Republican candidates.

The poll of declared primary voters was conducted on Feb. 20-23, about 23 months before the official caucus in this first Presidential primary state.

The former Sec. of State, former senator, and former First Lady was selected by 67 percent of Democrats, followed distantly by Vice President Joe Biden (12) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (5). Ten percent of respondents selected “someone else/not sure.”

Mark Warner, Andrew Cuomo, and Cory Booker received single-digit support, while the remaining candidates listed in the poll (Kirsten Gillibrand, Martin O’Malley, and Brian Schweitzer) each scored zero.

Clinton leads in almost every demographic category as well, with majority support from men and women, and all age groups.

If Clinton weren’t a candidate, Biden moves up to the lead with 40 percent, followed by Warren with 13; undecided responses grow to 28 percent.  When both Clinton and Biden are removed, Warren takes a slight lead of 21 percent followed by Cuomo’s 11, while 47 percent are unsure.

From the Republican slate, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is favored by 17 percent, followed by Rand Paul (14) and Jeb Bush (13). Ted Cruz and Chris Christie tied for fourth place, each taking 10 percent, while Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio trail in the single digits. Eleven percent of Republican voters in Iowa remain unsure.

Each of the top Republicans trails the lead Democrat, the poll also finds. When voters of both parties were asked to choose between her and individual GOP candidates, Clinton led both Huckabee and Paul by four percent, and Bush by five.

The two leading Democratic candidates both competed in Iowa’s 2008 caucus, with Clinton taking third place with 29 percent and Biden finishing fifth with only one percent.

Huckabee won the GOP primary that same year with 35 percent of the vote, but didn’t campaign in 2012 when Rick Santorum narrowly edged Mitt Romney to win the Iowa caucus.


edited by Kyla Davis

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