Photo Of The Day: African Migrants Looking For Cell Signal By Moonlight

2-19-2014 8-58-53 AM
John Stanmeyer


This year’s Word Press Photo of the Year 2013 award is a dramatic image captured by National Geographic photographer John Stanmeyer. From PetaPixel:

[…] shows African migrant holding their phones aloft, looking for an inexpensive Somalian cell signal by moonlight on the shores of Djibouti.

Djibouti is a common stopping point for migrants from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea on their way to Europe and the Middle East in search of a better life. That cell signal is, as described by World Press Photo, ?a tenuous link to relatives abroad.?

Word Press Photo jury member Jillian Edelstein said:

?It’s a photo that is connected to so many other stories?it opens up discussions about technology, globalization, migration, poverty, desperation, alienation, humanity. It’s a very sophisticated, powerfully nuanced image. It is so subtly done, so poetic, yet instilled with meaning, conveying issues of great gravity and concern in the world today.?

h/t PetaPixel?/ Photo District News


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