Rand Paul To Ted Cruz: ‘Don’t Be Trashin’ My Dad’ (VIDEO)

1-26-2014 12-11-12 PM

Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and the controversial Ted Cruz (R-TX) may be filibuster buddies, but when it comes to anyone talking smack about Paul’s dad — former Rep. Ron Paul — the younger Paul bristles. And he doesn’t make any attempt to disguise his indignation.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host David Gregory confronted Sen. Paul over his past comments about government tyranny, pointing out Sen. Cruz has questioned how effective a potential presidential run for Rand Paul could be given the senior Paul’s Libertarian legacy. From the National Review:

?Don’t be trashin? my dad too much, that’s my dad,? Paul said after Gregory cited his fellow Republican Ted Cruz’s private remark that the younger Paul can never be elected president due to the strident libertarianism of his father. ?My dad was extraordinary in Washington in being genuine, being really liked by people on both sides, being close to people from the conservative wing of the party but also very close to the Congressional Black Caucus as well,? Paul said.??He went to Berkeley and had 7,000 kids on their feet, he went to Liberty University and had 7,000 conservative Christian kids on their feet. That’s a rare figure in politics, so I would say I’m proud of my dad and what I’m trying to do is bring that message to an even bigger crowd.?

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I don’t have a dog in this fight. In my opinion, a Cruz OR Paul presidency would be a tragedy for this country. However, I respect Paul’s defense of his dad. Who among us wouldn’t defend our dads? Surely the fabulous Sen. Cruz would defend his whack-job dad. Methinks that Sen. Cruz (my senator, BTW…ugh) may feel a wee bit threatened by Rand Paul. After all, polls show that Paul is still the most viable GOP candidate for 2016.


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Watch the clip:

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Written by Tiffany Willis Clark

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