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Private Prisons Poison Everything, Even Equality

Jane Marquardt
Jane Marquardt


The East Mississippi Correctional Facility (EMCF) has been described as a “Hell on Earth.” ?This private prison run by Management and Training Corporation (MTC) is based in the “Greater Salt Lake Area.” ? MTC runs a lot of prisons. It also runs job corps programs in several states. So I guess if the job corp fails you and you fall low enough economically the chances are good you can go from being one of their low profit margin job corp victims to one of their high profit margin inmates.

MTC is a privately held company. The CEO, the son of the man who founded the company, like his father, is a Republican. They donate heavily and frequently to “small government” types all the while bringing in reported amounts from three to five hundred million dollars a year in government contracts. Small government means steal the tax money and fees the people pay and hand it to robber barons. Definitions are important.

Here are some fun facts about the EMCF:

  • There are ping-pong toilets where if an inmate flushes his toilet in one cell the waste bubbles up into the toilet of another cell.
  • Inmates catch rats and leash train them to sell as pets, we hope, to other inmates.
  • Starvation. Inmates routinely lose 10 to 60 pounds.
  • Cells without lights.
  • Prisoners given Styrofoam cups to use as toilets.

So the states are in a rush to “privatize” the prisons. Part of the deal the private companies ask for is that the states keep the prisons full at a 90 percent occupancy rate. ?The United States already imprisons more of its citizens than any other country. We have more people in prison than China. And no, it’s not because China just shoots them. One out of four people in jail in the world today sits in an American jail. Cue “We’re number one!” chants.

But let’s look at this one company that runs prisons. We should be used to old white men gaming the system and exploiting people of color. We’re all used to that story right?

Well take a look at the vermin at the top of the page. Her name is Jane Marquardt and she’s the co-chair along with her brother of MCT, Inc. Jane is well known for being a “liberal progressive” and makes sure the company bribes, I mean donates, to Democratic candidates as well as Republican ones. Jane is also known for one more thing; she’s an “out” lesbian.

“This is an actual?marriage license. It looks the same as any other marriage license. This may confer more benefits, and if not, since?the Utah Legislature?seems bound and determined to?pass more laws that we will never recognize?same-sex marriage?here,?at least it?makes a statement.? –Utah resident Jane Marquardt, after marrying her partner Tami in San Francisco

Late last year “Jane and Tami” even got the star treatment when they helped sponsor the Equality Utah dinner with a very special guest:




That’s their name at the top. Not listed first but still… Not bad.

So a woman who considers herself a progressive, which in this case means she wants liberality of the laws for her and her wife but not for anyone or anything that may cut into profits, makes a living running what has been considered one of the worst prisons in America! She owns prisons that routinely allows gay and transgender inmates to be abused, raped, prostituted, and denied the rights that she is asking everyone else to allow her to have.

Hypocrisy is a dirty thing. It is a poison. Equality Utah didn’t respond to several emails. I guess the attitude was that it’s okay for gay white Mormons to have Equality but those poor dumb black folk in Mississippi are SOL.

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