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Chris Christie, Bridge To Corruption.

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In response to recently surfaced documents of governmental corruption and abuse popular New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was apologetic, remorseful, and obviously not the Captain Kirk his publicist would have us think. Christie over the years has created an image of an all-knowing, hands- on,chest-thumping, tell- it- like it is politician. Now, Chris Christie, Bridge to Corruption?has the bombastic governor begging for forgiveness.

The documents raise doubts about Christie administration claims that George Washington Bridge lane closures were part of a traffic study initiated by the Port Authority.

All this prompted Governor Christie to call a live televised press conference this past week. In which, he denied any knowledge of and stated he was lied too by trusted inner circle staff. Governor Christie response to these allegations resulted in the passing of the buck to subordinate staff members who he claims deceived him. The old Washington two-step.

In short, multiple lanes on one of the largest and busiest bridges not just in America but the world was purposely with malice and afterthought closed. With new evidence and documentation surfacing at a hastening pace it has been alleged and confirmed by Christie himself that this was a malfeasance and unethical practice by members of his staff. The action taken was nothing more than a political bully move by the Christie administration to invoke a payback for not walking the Christie fine line.

Even though, some have praised Christie for his two-hour juggernaut press conference as being a strong show of leadership others claim the governor’s response as being the same old song and dance. While Governor Christie, was denying any knowledge of the scandal some nine times in his press conference now know as Bride-gate, one of his most trusted appointees David Wildstein was pleading the 5th before a state committee of New Jersey lawmakers.

What has flown under the political radar screen is that Christie is quite the political opportunist. Factoring in that the electorate tends to suffer from forgetfulness and short-term memory loss. However, with a mounting cry for investigation and new evidence surfing minute by minute Christie may not be able to slip-slide this on away.

Statement from Governor Christie:

What I’ve seen today for the first time is unacceptable. I am outraged and deeply saddened to learn that not only was I misled by a member of my staff, but this completely inappropriate and unsanctioned conduct was made without my knowledge. One thing is clear: this type of behavior is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it because the people of New Jersey deserve better. This behavior is not representative of me or my Administration in any way, and people will be held responsible for their actions.

This was a far cry from the governors earlier nonchalant response?when the scandal first broke.?The very first thing that came to this writers mind was how could such a pinpoint guy?with presidential aspirations have top aides around him that in the above statement do things without his knowledge which were not representative of him???However, there is a larger pattern of behavior with Chris Christie.?Governor Christie seems to have a perplexing political condition that seems to shift any which way the winds blow.

Few seem to remember Governor Christie prior to hurricane Sandy.?Christie was a bell-ringer early on for the Romney push for president. Christie has been on record many times trashing President Obama prior to the storm and in support of Romney.?In a Chicago Sun-Times report Christie stated:

The president is nothing more than a Chicago ward politician. We’ve had enough of Chicago ward politics in the Oval Office. We need a real leader back in the Oval Office and we all got to work to get Mitt Romney there.?I don’t know much about Chicago politics other than the fact that if you don’t do what they say, you may not be in politics very long.

In the press conference some are calling a ” dog and pony ?show,”?Christie denied he knew absolutely nothing of this abuse of power that he fired the people responsible for what he had already written off as petty media nonsense beforehand.

Christie bridge closure delayed emergency vehicles, hindered search for missing child.

Anyone who has paid attention knows Christie is a bombastic personality. Tough guy. Don’t thread on me or I will shutdown the?George Washington Bridge. His image is tailor-made for the one-percent Neo-Con element of the Republican party.?Christie has postured himself a blue-state moderate.?Some suggest Christie is a better national candidate than the Tea Party can bring forth in 2016.?So, this scandal is much more than a bridge closure. It’s a peek inside the window of how Chris Christie would govern this nation.?We are already seeing public verbal spats breakout between Governor Christie and Tea Party favorite Kentucky senator Rand Paul. This scandal is much more than a local political shoving match.


We the people are being shown once again the overall dysfunction of our government and how it directly affects our daily lives.

Sadly, a human life was lost that otherwise could have been saved and this is and why it has been deemed in most jurisdictions across this nation that obstruction of an emergency vehicle is a crime.?However, this scandal could be a game changer for the Christie dynamic.With an election year upon us, this once rising star of the Republican party may have let his arrogance and bully approach to politics bleed into the staff who in turn participated in political tomfoolery with a potentially lost of human life the direct result.There is no question that Governor Christie is now the one stuck in a traffic jam.

With Christie now in damage control and new evidence and questions materializing on this scandal by the hour there is a growing disconnect with the carefully sculpted image and brand ?of the once “untouchable” Governor Christie.?There will be a frenzy to uncover every stone on this issue regarding the actual Bridgegate scandal. Christie has admitted an abuse of power by his staff. In an epic two-hour long press conference the governor was sorry for the oversight ask for forgiveness and that he was blindsided by these events. Moving forward,we need to watch the political posturing that will be going on in response to this scandal. What is clear is that Christie has denied any knowledge of this well planned political payback stunt. What is left unanswered is did we see New Jersey governor Chris Christie bridge to corruption become a Nixon moment. There are creditable theories materializing as reported recently on the?Rachel Maddow Show.

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