Brits Try To Label The United States On A Map, Hilarity Ensues

What happens when folks in the U.K. try to guess where our states lie? Hilarity, that's what.

We are so grateful to Buzzfeed for this project. Hilarious! Here are the best of the worst. You guys enjoy.

1. The guy who’s proud of knowing Absolutely. Nothing. About. The. U.S.

11-28-2013 10-35-02 AM

2. The guy who’s mostly excited about Canada and Mexico.

11-28-2013 10-37-21 AM

3. The guy who thinks that Guns in America are so important that we actually named a state after them.

11-28-2013 10-37-50 AM

4. The guy who, bizarrely, gets most correct but screws up Mississippi and Arkansas???

11-28-2013 10-39-11 AM

5. The guy who’s as confused as Sarah Palin about where Alaska is.

11-28-2013 10-39-49 AM

6. The guy who really likes crooked letters. “M – I – Crooked Letter Crooked Letter – I, Humpback Humback – I”……or whatever.

11-28-2013 10-41-14 AM

7. The guy who is just terribly, terribly sorry.

11-28-2013 10-43-36 AM

Sex Tips 69 Cover FINAL8. Another guy who took his geography lessons from Sarah Palin.

11-28-2013 10-44-34 AM

9. The only guy who didn’t know where Texas is.

11-28-2013 10-45-22 AM

To see the rest, visit Buzzfeed.

All images via Buzzfeed.

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  • freethefearful

    These students would kick the asses of most American counterparts, many of whom could not identify, or spell, their own state.

    • SONNY

      depends on which states

    • Terence

      Rhetorical much?

  • thefatveganchef

    I bet very few people in the US could name the UK provences and their locations. I know I couldn’t, but yet we make fun of them not knowing our states.

    • GoFig

      Very few people in the US could name the American states and their locations. I am guilty of being one who would have a problem with it as I never had to learn it in school.

    • Terence

      Canada has Provinces, the UK has counties and countries.

      • billdav

        The U.K. has countries, that are further divided into counties. To make it more confusing not all of the counties are administrative. Many of them are historical and still used in addresses even though the administrative county of the address is different.

        Trying to make sense of the counties used in the U.K. will drive a person insane. WOOF!

        • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

          The north of Ireland like the rest of Ireland is made up of provinces, four in total Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connaught. The Provinces are then divided into Counties.

        • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

          Your comment applies to Britain only. The UK has one province currently, Ulster, in the north of Ireland.

    • squeezy

      The UK is only made up of four countries. It takes five minutes to memorize them.

      • Phil Knight

        But the US states are equivalent to our (UK) Counties to which there are 86.
        How many people in the US know the difference between the UK, Britain and the British Isles?

        • Terence

          I know British people who are confused about it – off the cuff. They can actually vote badly as a result. In their defense it is confusing, so they blithely go their way with better things to occupy their day. Check out David Letterman interviewing UK Prime Minister Cameron on this subject on YouTube. Letterman is utterly confused…

        • tutoredwhisper

          I would say that the US states are more akin to the countries comprising the United Kingdom. States are sovereign entities who joined a federation to form the United States. While federal law reigns supreme, each State has its own legislature with vast powers to govern within its own territory. This would be like the Scottish Parliament passing a law that applies only to Scotland. Nevada or Texas or Iowa are free to do the same. In fact, the power of the Federal government is very limited in scope by the US Constitution. Only those powers spelled out in that document belong to the Federal government while all other powers are reserved to the States.

        • Terence

          We get the name ‘Britain’ from the Romans – id. est. ‘Britannia’ The term British Isles includes the Republic Of Ireland. It is a geographical location – not a country.

    • InTheGray

      hmm, why should we care about naming the old world countries of the uk?

      I barely got through geography in school because it was boring as hell and if I am every going anywhere out of state I would look it up and study about the dos & don’ts of the country.

      I think that is all that really matters, know the customs, where to go, what to do, and where to stay away from.

      such as Perugia, Italy, more so if you are a blond haired white american girl.

      • Terence

        RE: your first sentence. You need a reason to learn? Or are you being sophomoric?

        • InTheGray

          Don’t get me wrong as long as you are alive you will never stop learning until the day you die.

          My point was why should I really care until I visit there?
          It would be pointless knowledge to have as most will never need it unless they are going on a quiz show.

    • tsam100

      Not sure this is to make fun of them. I’m positive that very few Americans can name any, let alone all of the UK provinces. What’s funny is what they say when they don’t know and don’t care.

      • Ali Franklin

        I tell people Im from Idaho and they ask me if I mean Iowa -.-

    • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

      The only Province in the UK is in the north of Ireland. England in Britain, is made up of Counties as is Wales and Scotland.

  • Coxygru

    Our habit of putting Alaska on the bottom of our maps is rather confusing. And all those states with “New” this or “New” that – horribly confusing. I grew up in “New Something”. It was so confusing I never knew it.

  • Dan

    The writer of this article needs a geography lesson as well if they think #4 is anywhere near mostly correct.

    • Sarah O Taylor

      No, it says that one got more correct than the others above.

      • ladyvader

        4. The guy who, bizarrely, gets most correct but screws up Mississippi and Arkansas???

        No where does it say more correct than the others above.

        • GirlfromGallifrey

          27 out of 50 … I would classify that as a majority

  • shulkman

    I dunno… I think I could still do a pretty decent job of states (in the US) countries, capitals… Heck, I remember having to learn the Confederation of Independent States right after their creation. It’s been 22 years or so now.

  • Jeff H Crowther Jr

    Foreign countries go to great extent to hide their idiots. This is one of those exceptions.

  • Ali Franklin

    Okay so I might have an advantage, my family were long haul truck drivers and in my early teens I spent the summer around the country, but I can manage to name almost everything with the exception of the northeast. The small states always confused me…

  • BUSD Mom of 3

    Most Americans can’t label COUNTRIES in Europe; why should we expect them to label our states?!

  • Lau Lopez Armas

    Well, seeing as north americans think Spain is in South America like I saw once in a Liquor store there…

  • Bj Decicio

    Ok johnny show us where the home counties are? How about the lakes district? Here’s an easy one,
    where is Blackpool?

  • Bain 1998

    You know what is sad. These guys did way better than most Americans probably could.

  • pandem

    I traveled with a yank around Europe and he was amazed that some cities were named after places in the USA.

    • Suzanne Booher

      it’s more likely that places in the USA were named after cities in Europe since Europe is much older than the USA. By the way, I don’t mean that geographically, I mean it culturally.

    • Terence

      Sounds suspiciously apocryphal.

  • billdav

    These people did better than most Americans would with the U.K.

  • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

    I would like to see Americans name the states of Europe….An American once asked me if Ireland was near Georgia….!

  • Steve D’Agostino

    So the
    Brits know more about our geography than we do; what’s the point?

  • Terence

    So, what nationality was the moral author of the Declaration Of Independence? Where did the name America come from? And, why do not a few citizens of the other countries that make up North and South America, resent the US appropriating the name America?