CO School Board Member: No Potty For Trans Kids Unless Castrated


Kathy Svenson, a school board member in Delta County, Colorado has created a stir among locals with her negative comments about transgender students. After hearing that people were expressing concern about the comments she was making publicly, she decided to make it official. At the October school board meeting, she passed out an issue of the Education Reporter and said:

One of the board members said that she had gotten comments from my district, that the people are very unhappy with me commenting, they’re very abashed about what I said.

I would like to pass out something that shows people what is going on in the rest of the country. Massachusetts and California have passed laws relating to calling a student, irrespective of his biological gender, letting him perform as the gender he thinks he is, or she is.

I just want to emphasize, not in this district. Not until the plumbing’s changed. There would have to be castration in order to pass something like that around here. (KREX)

Svenson won’t back down from her statements.

I don’t have a problem if some boys think they are girls, I’m just saying as long as they can impregnate a woman, they’re not going to go in girls locker-room.

Svenson is likely bucking a new policy that the district adopted in June stating  that discrimination against students for any reason is prohibited.

Liberal America reached out to Svenson for a statement and no response has been forthcoming.

The video from KREX.

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