Survey: Racists And Conservatives Have A Low IQ. Surprise, Surprise!

Studies correlate low IQ with rabidly racist and right-wing views.

Studies correlate low IQ with rabidly racist and right-wing views

Does talking to a Teabully leave you asking: What’s wrong with this person??Do Teabully posts and memes make you wonder if people, who believe those things, could be cray-cray? ? Take heart! A 2012 Canadian study suggests conservatives with racist and extreme views just might be born that way.


Psychology Today featured psychologists Gordon Hodson and Michael A. Busseri’s findings in its April 22 issue. Hodson and Busseri work at Borck University in St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada. They concluded?the following:

Lower intelligence in childhood? is predictive of greater racism in adulthood, with this effect being mediated (partially explained) through conservative ideology.


Poor abstract reasoning skills were related to homophobic attitudes which was mediated through authoritarianism and low levels of intergroup contact.


For those who lack a cognitive ability to grasp complexities of our world, strict-right wing ideologies may be more appealing.? and ?people with less cognitive capacity will be attracted to simplifying ideologies.


According to University of Virginia psychologist Brian Nosek:

Reality is complicated and messy…Ideologies get rid of the messiness and impose a simpler solution. So, it may not be surprising that people with less cognitive capacity will be attracted to simplifying ideologies.

And the studies making the connections to low IQ and to the racists and far right wing views–that seem to be at the root of the views expressed by the GOP/Teabully party of today–go back to 1970 and to 1958.?Psychological studies have also linked a Conservative political point of view to an authoritarian upbringing.


Psychological studies have longed linked the appeal to political points of view, such as Fascism, to an authoritarian upbringing.? For a refresher course on ?Isms,? grab the free downloadable primer?available at


The current rise of the Christian Right embedding itself into the present GOP/Teabully Party is proof that there’s a link between authoritarianism and these political points of view. The ?Christian Fundamentalist Nation,? of which Teabullies dream, has been referred to as an ideology that is:

A form of debilitating shortsightedness. It replaces reality with an idealized version that usually has too little to do with the real world to be workable.

We should be careful not to conclude all liberals are smart and all right-wing conservative/Teabully types are stupid.? And, we must also be careful not take IQ tests at face value. They’ve long been suspected of being culturally biased. But, the studies connecting low IQs to racist, homophobic, bigoted, and conservative thinking are there.


Conservative Teabully types will no doubt scream and stomp, yelling, “Liberal bias!” That, of course, wouldn’t be surprising. They deny facts and have very little interest in science. But, like the Affordable Care Act and other legislation about which John Boehner’s GOP/Teabully House of Representatives whines, why bother?? It’s too hard, and reading is for Liberals.

About Maeby Gever

I am the voice of my human parents. Dad, 59, mom 57, both retired lawyers. Dad worked privately as a personal injury lawyer in the Philadelphia, PA area before retirement. He has a BA in Political Science, a Masters in Secondary Social Studies Education and he did some public school teaching before retiring again. Mom also has a BA in Political Science and she spent her entire 33 year career working as an attorney for a US Defense Department Agency located in Philadelphia, PA. She spent the last four years of her career as the Chief Counsel. She retired in April of this year. I have two human brothers, both Graduates of the George Washington University. My older human brother is working his way up in Airport Management at the Philadelphia International Airport. My younger human brother is a Peace Corps veteran.


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  1. Ferdinand Marcos 2.0 says:

    Garbage. Your crap article is nothing but the product of your imagination. (surprised you don’t have a misleading graph) I knew clicking this link was a mistake. Enjoy your hit Maeby. I hope you succeed in surviving to adulthood so you can realize how ignorant you’ve been and can atone for your failures as a human being, Daughter of 2 lawyers? I’m sure have have a unique perspective on white privilege.

    1. xnerd says:

      Actually, this is the 4th study that links these attributes. They are not all exclusive but the evidence is compelling and conclusively proven in the vast majority of people that identify themselves as racist and right wing.

      This is based on sound scientific protocols not a fox news style semantic manipulation of wording. To be honest, I fully expected that the experimental protocol would be JUST THAT prior to reading it. Its not, it simple straight forward and anyone with an ounce integrity would call this a fair assessment,.

      1. While the actual study may be based on sound scientific protocols, the article is certainly not written that way. Big difference.

      2. Ferdinand Marcos 2.0 says:

        Bull. It all depends on the polling. But you go on believing your fantasies.

    2. bayhuntr says:

      The difference between the left and the right when it comes to white privilege is, people on the left understand it exists, people in the right pretend it doesn’t. I’m a tall white man and I know it’s benefit me in my life. I don’t feel guilty for it, I just understand it’s not fair. Perhaps unlike dumb racist, I know I would be successful without White privilege, I don’t need to rely, just on the color of my skin. This again, supports the concept that racist or dumber than most.

      1. Ferdinand Marcos 2.0 says:

        What’s your excuse then?

        1. Don Sbragia says:

          Maybe his “excuse” is that he believes in himself. Try it, you’ll like it.

          1. Ferdinand Marcos 2.0 says:

            why did you reply to a comment from a month ago? get a life troll.

            1. Don Sbragia says:

              Because it’s fun.. Try it, you’ll like it

      2. Ferdinand Marcos 2.0 says:

        How do you know you would be successful? Are you God?

        1. bayhuntr says:

          Yes I’m god fool, I command you to take a flying leap.

  2. dreed0519 says:

    Something I knew all along.

  3. Didn’t anyone ever teach you: if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all? Additionally, inclusion of the last paragraph is unnecessary. Since when did it become okay to make fun of people deemed to have beliefs associated with learning deficiencies and low IQ? Not cool!

    1. Don Sbragia says:

      I… uh, never mind. If I can’t say something nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all……

  4. Tomkat364 says:

    As I recall the Republican party ended slavery while the democratic south (in the 1860’s) created Jim Crow laws and perpetuated racism in the U.S…. so……

  5. Frost Highland says:

    I got as far as the word “Cray-Cray” and realized I was in a nightmare. I really wanted to believe.

  6. Jason Lewis says:

    What a bullshit article. If Democrats find this somehow scientific they’re the one’s with low IQs.

    1. Don Sbragia says:

      Not a democrat. but, I don’t need this article to tell me that conservatives are dumber than liberals. I’ve known it from the first moment I’ve seen conservatives insist that fascism is a leftist ideology.

      1. Jason Lewis says:



        A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

        A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.

        Oppressive, dictatorial control.

        1. Jason Lewis says:

          much closer to progressive/liberalism

          1. Sweetirony says:

            should we really compare all of the fascist dictators to republican idiology? because I can….and it would be glorious….. and you would probably whine and bitch and say it was lies like all conservatives do when confronted with facts

            1. regressive white trash reli says:

              Im willing to wager you will read it and appreciate its accuracy; whereas JASON LEWIS will not

            2. Jason Lewis says:

              I’ll look into it. I am conservative but with a very strong libertarian leaning. I used to think the democrat party was for freedom but it’s owned by lawyers and is all about being in my buisness in everything except using drugs and aborting my baby.

            3. regressive white trash reli says:

              what EXACTLY are ‘conservatives” conserving?? it certainly is NOT financial prudence and equality for ALL americans –based upon “conservative” legislations over the past 30 yrs

            4. Jason Lewis says:

              Yes lets compare. Please yes.

            5. Sweetirony says:

              i say we start with the middle east because I love irony, how about you?

            6. Jason Lewis says:

              Sure sounds awesome.

            7. Sweetirony says:

              1)wanting to make religion into law Ex:outlawing gay marriage, firing out any teacher who allows anything that MIGHT be offensive towards jesus, adjusting books in texas, complaining about teachers comparing evolution to creationism. All incidents that have been reported on the news here in the US

              2)wanting to kill anyone with a different religion than you
              if i had a dollar for every christian that thought all muslims were terrorists and evil despite muslims being a large percent of the worlds population, thus implying wed be fucked if what they said was true which it clearly isnt

              3)idiots interpreting their book wrong. Muslims legit thinking that their book wants them to go around butchering people…and christians well. Idk what each sect took out of the original bible for their own fucking convenience (the catholic bible was the original bible that the first christians used, thus why it was more books) but wed have to take out leviticus if you guys eat pork and still hate gays, hell if you think gays are going to hell but dont have fucking leviticus in your bible you clearly pulled something out of your ass because I dont recall seeing any harsh punishment towards gays outside of the old testament. Also relating to number two, ignoring the story of how god would spare a city if abraham could find ONE good man….while with muslims we have AT THE VERRRY least 75% of the population being good but you guys want to blow them all up

              4) unequal distribution of wealth. In the middle East almost everyone is dirt poor but the 1% are SUUUUPER fucking rich, hell one even owns fox news… not an america, a middle eastern prince.

            8. Sweetirony says:

              ….is this a different post than the last one? well if the other reply I gave you didnt answer your questions we can start with nazi propaganda and fox news…owned by a muslim prince lol, impeaching rulers due to different ideology and other actions of dictators…oh yeah and the prisons….

            9. John Draper says:

              About that dictionary which you conveniently left out of your post?

            10. Dee Johnson says:

              Sweetirony, i wish you would read the 10 Rules of Saul Alinski. My chin dropped. They’re already happening. Since Hillary wrote her thesis on it and Obama has referred to it a number of times, I know it’s out there. Just read and see if you don’t recognize every darn one of them.

            11. REK says:

              I could say the same about whinny libturd then you would call everyone racist, high IQ my ass you are a dipshit

            12. Sweetirony says:

              have you really replied 3 times and not only that, then doing the whole god loves you thing after using the word libtard..or turd…or whatever 12 year old insult you used lol….good job.. you have proven yourself to have zero arguing skills

            13. Nathaniel J. Lee says:

              Ideology* you twit

          2. John Draper says:

            funny how the right when backed into a corner tries to use the libertarian spectrum, which was borrowed from the John Birch Society (more gov left, less gov right) and is not generally accepted or will ever be.

        2. John Draper says:

          dictionary you got that from please. I suspect you took it out of context or only show part of it. Dictatorship occurs on both extreme left and extreme right.

        3. John Draper says:


      2. Craig Braley says:

        Fascism is a leftist ideology. I see the tolerant left is back at it again. Tolerate everything we agree with but if we do not like it you are a racist-really intelligent argument for the left.

        1. regressive white trash reli says:

          21st century schizoid religions is totally intolerant of all which is NOT white and regressive and heterosexual and “Christian”
          oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and howza ’bout that %5 GDP number piled upon novembers job report which created 321,000 jobs?
          ………silly widdle fax

          1. Jason Lewis says:

            You mean all the people that built the awesome countries the third world flocks to then cries racism after they get here?

            1. regressive white trash reli says:

              many do as they are subject to racism; but I digress– shall we look at republican legislation over the past 25 or so years??
              …………………………. and: howza bout dem’ stats above? “Obama will destroy America”

            2. LibertyMonger says:

              Oh and by the way in case my video isn’t posted it is because of your so-called tolerant fake liberal website say’s this before it is posted… “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Liberal America.” (That’s liberal) LMAO

            3. John Draper says:

              LMAO? how is that possible, you’re all ASS!

          2. LibertyMonger says:

            Fast food and government spying jobs? Yeah that’s an economy we can count on!

          3. REK says:

            Get the real fact libturd sheep, pull your head out of obumas ass

        2. Rhonda Thissen says:

          Where do people get this idea that fascism is leftist? Fascism is about as far right on the political spectrum as possible. The core elements of fascism include extreme patriotism (“America, love it or leave it!”), militarism (“Support the troops!”), veneration of a strong leader (Ronald Reagan, anyone?), and an emphasis on supra-nationalism (“America, we’re Number One!”). That sounds about as far from liberal as we can get here in the the US. The ONLY aspect that fascism and liberalism have in common is a preference for a strong central government, and even there, the two ideologies have vastly different purposes. Liberals in the US prefer a strong central government to ensure equality of rights and access to all, while traditional fascists prefer one for ultimate control of the populace.

          1. llcisyouandme says:

            An element you missed was establishment of a corporatocracy. Anyone reading through a description of fascism will be amazed and appalled with the similarities with conservative thought. Protectionism, imperialism, exceptionalism, it’s all there.

          2. LibertyMonger says:

            Where do you get that today’s liberals are truly liberals? Thomas Jefferson was a TRUE liberal. Also just because the fake liberals pretend to be the anti-racists doesn’t hide their true history of being the real racists. JUST LIKE HITLER. Look it up. “We’ll keep those N%ggers voting democrat for the next 200 years.” Lyndon B. Johnson

            1. John Draper says:

              What is classical liberalism? Believe it or not there is a difference. 🙂

            2. Joe says:

              plus, the pic of the kkk in the article. kkk was started by whom?

          3. REK says:

            Fascism is control of the people by government, that is all about the loser left. Period think your high IQ can understand that. doubt it. Libturd idiots

            1. John Draper says:

              All the English dictionaries disagrees with you as does the many quotes from Mussolini.
              Oxford – fascism: “An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.”
              “The term Fascism was first used of the totalitarian right-wing nationalist regime of Mussolini in Italy (1922–43), and the regimes of the Nazis in Germany and Franco in Spain were also fascist. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt fordemocracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach”
              The term Fascism was first used of the totalitarian right-wing nationalist regime of Mussolini in Italy (1922–43), and the regimes of the Nazis in Germany and Franco in Spain were also fascist. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach”

              Most dictionaries define fascism as being extreme right, you will find zero credible dictionaries that define it as left.

              Also, socialism (extreme left) is about economics, the economics of fascism is corporatism not socialism.

              Conservaturd idiots! LOLOLOL

          4. Peter Carey says:

            Liberals in America favor a strong government to insure they stay in power by giving away the fruits of labor earned by hard working people to people who do nothing but rely on the liberals to keep them sustained and thereby continuing to vote liberal.

          5. SeRiOuSLy!!?? says:

            WTF! so you admit that liberal hate America and are the furthest thing from being patriotic!? at least for once as a liberal, you’re telling the truth which is uncharacteristic. and conservatives don’t like big gov’t only an efficient one…something we haven’t had for quite some time, especially the past 6+ years. if you hadn’t noticed, by your comment you haven’t, its been the liberals that have done nothing but dictate what people can or can’t do. its been conservatives that have only been trying to uphold the law. there are right ways and wrong ways of doing things and liberals mostly do things the wrong way as apparent of late.

            1. Rhonda Thissen says:

              Ummm…yeah, OK.

        3. John Draper says:

          “Fascism is a leftist ideology.” Nope, dictionaries disagree and the guy (Mussolini) who invented fascism disagrees.

      3. damspam says:

        Mussolini started the Fascist movement, which was then taken up by the Hitler and the Nazis. They were extreme right-wing fanatics who destroyed unions, persecuted and murdered gays, minorities and Jews, were sexist and authoritarian, and told themselves they were ‘exceptional.’ Among the Fascists’ first acts were to arrest and murder progressives and liberals. Only useful idiots could believe that liberals and progressives are right wingers, any more than Koch and ALEC are left wingers! And no, the earth is not flat.

        1. CharlesSchlaff says:

          look seriously , the socialist, the communist and idiots like you have infiltrated the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has died years ago and only exists through a name.

          1. richard says:

            well i’m going to SAY THIS 1 time.. what SOCIALIST program do you enjoy out of the 75 that this country has to keep it running? I bet you like a few and want to keep them..Here’s a few you don’ even know MILITARY/DEFENSE, HIGHWAYS/ROADS,POLICE,FIRE DEPT, LIBRARIES and my favorite VA just a small list and if you don’t believe me look it all up and learn something

            1. LibertyMonger says:

              So you believe we would be cavemen without government intrusion Lol.

            2. LibertyMonger says:

              Maybe because liberals can’t do anything for themselves, they have to leach off us who produce?

            3. John Draper says:

              What exactly do you produce?

          2. John Draper says:

            And the Republican party is the same now as when Ike or TR was president? I could say that the Republican party was infiltrated by fascists dumbasses like you and that the GOP has died years ago and only exists through a name. LOLOLOLOLOL

        2. LibertyMonger says:

          You really think just because they call themselves liberals that liberals were not the true racists??? You need to look up the true history of the racist democrats, it would do us all some good.

        3. Uriah Dalton Douglas says:

          The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or Nationalsozialistische Deutschein. This is where the term Nazi comes from. A worker’s union. Liberals like to claim he was Christian also.
          “…the only way of getting rid of Christianity is to allow it to die little by little.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 61. “Kerrl, with the noblest of intentions, wanted to attempt a synthesis
          between National Socialism and Christianity. I don’t believe the thing’s
          possible, and I see the obstacle in Christianity itself.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 145. Liberals seriously need to read something besides each others’ opinions online. Maybe they’d learn something.

          1. John Draper says:

            Hitlers Union? name one time they went on strike or fought for workers rights? LOLOLOL

            Nope, Hitler claimed he was Christain, almost 100 passages in Mein Kampf plus speeches. However, nothing speaks more than deeds right?

            So here are the deeds:

            “Hitler demanded the teaching of Christianity in German public schools. If you looked at a Nazi belt buckle, “Gott mitt uns” (God with us) was engraved on it. This is the type of government one gets with forced religion.

            Hitler outlawed atheistic and freethinking groups in Germany in the Spring of 1933. In May, he closed Freethinkers Hall in Berlin and gave it to Berlin Protestant church authorities for use in outreach to non churchgoers. Hardly the actions of someone promoting atheism.

            In [the] Freethinkers Hall, which before the Nazi resurgence, was the national headquarters of the German Freethinkers League, the Berlin Protestant church authorities have opened a bureau for advice on church matters. Its chief object is to win back former church goers and assist those who had not belonged to any religious congregation obtaining church”

            1. Uriah Dalton Douglas says:

              Hitler used the church to do his bidding. He forced them to replace crosses with Swastikas, and had his picture hung up. Any priest that dissented against him was taken to the camps. These are not the deeds of a Christian. Martin Bormann, Hitler’s private secretary once stated “National Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable.”

            2. John Draper says:

              I forgot to mention that he was also an alter boy in his youth. ” Any priest that dissented against him was taken to the camps.” That would be true of any dictatorship. You don’t think he was upset by the help some mostly polish priest was giving to his opposition do you. From what I read by someone who was there, priests had full access and liberty within those camps. They got special treatment. National socialism is not the same as socialism. For one socialism is about a type of economics. Corporatism was the economic of fascism. And Fascism is still a extreme right ideology, as defined by most all English dictionaries. You will NOT find one the defines it as left wing, NOT ONE!

            3. John Draper says:

              here you go, a picture worth a thousand words LOLOLOLOL

              I have pictures, dictionaries, Quotes from Mussolini, and you?

              You have nothing really, but gibberish you can’t or won’t back up. You got nothing! Drunken ramblings that some try to pass off as critical thinking really don’t count for much. LOLOLOLOL

        4. Peter Carey says:

          Hitler was not a conservative by any means. He was a dictator like Obama inspires to be

          1. John Draper says:

            More proof less bull

        5. Nathaniel J. Lee says:

          Hitler was a socialist not a fascist, hence the term “Nazi” it’s an abbreviation for National Socialism. The Nazi party was the national socialist party. Funny thing about socialism, it’s exactly what the left follows.

          1. John Draper says:

            ” In April, 1920, Hitler advocated that the party should change its name to the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). Hitler had always been hostile to socialist ideas, especially those that involved racial or sexual equality. However, socialism was a popular political philosophy in Germany after the First World War. This was reflected in the growth in the German Social Democrat Party (SDP), the largest political party in Germany…. ”

            BTW, when the name was changed to “National Socialist German Workers Party” there were about 55 members in the nazi party. In order to gain more membership, they had to do something to make the party more popular. Hence the name. There is nothing the nazi party did in the ways of socialism, except fight them. German socialist were among the first to be placed in concentration camps.”

            It like many things the Nazis di was a ruse. Proof, see Night of the Long Knives were all socialist in the Nazi party were murdered. Socialists were the first to be placed in concentration camps.

      4. LibertyMonger says:

        Where you are fooled is thinking that the democrat party are true liberals (which they are not) Thomas Jefferson was a true liberal. Please stop watching so much government controlled tv.

        1. Don Sbragia says:

          Sorry to disappoint you buddy but I don’t watch television at all

      5. Peter Carey says:

        Not it’s a communist ideology not fascist

        1. Don Sbragia says:

          If you’re saying that Fascism is a communist ideology please explain to me why Communist Russia went to war with Germany to wipe out the fascists

        2. Peter Carey says:

          Under the codename Operation “Barbarossa,” Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, in the largest German military operation of World War II.

          The Soviets went to war withGermany because Germany invaded them. Two years before they had signed a non aggression treaty with go Germany which Germany obviously had no intention of keeping as hitter wanted to destroy the Soviet Jews as well.

      6. NELLA2125 says:

        YOU LOSE Don Sbragia :

        FASCISM definition :a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

        We have a Dictator and his name is OBAMA! The left is suppressing opposition and criticism! i.e. using the IRS to suppress conservatives ! Using the DOJ to assault people that refuse to serve murdering Muslims !

        The left is increasing government control over industry and commerce! i.e. EPA insane regs over industry and even citizens! i.e. The government in many places FORCING an increase in pay– is causing businesses to close and increase of goods and services!

        Sounds just like the Regressive lying Orwellian DemonRat party to me !

    2. Scott Cole says:

      Jason, Conservative usually have a problem with facts, as evidenced by your “bullshit” comment without ever researching the studies done to arrive at the conclusion. Keep living in your la la world and thinking your evolved.

      1. Jason Lewis says:

        I did research it. Total bull. No science behind it. Go look at the Yale professors actual scientific study where he determined , to his own dismay, that Tea Party Conservatives are more scientifically literate than people like yourself. The lala world is the one you live in with your smug friends stroking each other pretending your’re more educated.

        1. regressive white trash reli says:

          hey ‘brilliant’ Jason,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, whats YOUR opinion of racism?

          1. Jason Lewis says:

            Racism? I used to think it’s bad. I think Democrats call everything racist that isnt so the word doesnt really mean anything anymore. Democrats have the most to lose if racism didnt exist since it’s such a useful go to tool in their arsenal.

            1. Sweetirony says:

              no by all means stop being racist we welcome it. We wouldn’t lose anything. You idiots go against any system that is already in play in almost if not every other first world country and call it communism. Seriously what kind of idiot says no to following the education system of countries way higher in us in math, science, school grades, just because they are afraid of higher taxes? fuck lets stop paying what the other countries pay combined for our military and maybe we wouldn’t have to raise taxes while prioritizing education. IT takes idiots like conservatives to be dead against adapting and learning from other countries

            2. regressive white trash reli says:

              the idiots are called : white trash religious regressive elitists and the “wanna be’s” who want to be as they are

            3. Jason Lewis says:

              You’re a hopeless self hating white.

            4. Michael Peterson says:

              and you are delusional Jason!

            5. Jason Lewis says:

              Thank you for your infomative contribution. Don’t bother going into detail. Another self-hater. Look up “Passover Syndrome”. Seriously I don’t wanna fight my brothers I want to help them.

            6. regressive white trash reli says:

              self hating? nope– I hate extremism: and the “conservative” party–especially the white trash tea party and john birch society remnants( tea party) are disgusting
              shall we review republican legislation over the past 25 yrs???

            7. Jason Lewis says:

              You cannot be a democrat white especially white man without being a self hating white. You know what the Tea Party isn’t John Birch remnants but I sure am.

            8. regressive white trash reli says:

              wrong again; gerbil droppings————- read up on who started the JBS; they correlate VISAVIS to tea party. KOCH and WELCH started JBS; KOCH is daddy of KOCH brothers. please read up b4 U comment; ok?
              “self hating white”….. I love it!
              BYTHEWAY– donnnn’cha wanna review repub legislation over past 25 yrs and showcase the WHITE privilege is showcases?
              no?? awwww,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, did U faw down an’ go BOOM again?

            9. Jason Lewis says:

              Guess I should expect it from you people. Simply because people releated to JBS are related to the Tea Party does not mean the two entities are the same. JBS is a great bunch of men. Seriously man, you need to wake up. White privilege? If you’re white you are an idiot who is writing his grandchildren’s obituary. Every white man touting white privilege should turn out like the Southern Poverty Law Center’s David Ruenzel.Perfectly ironic ending to him recently.

            10. regressive white trash reli says:

              u really are un-educated………………….
              now– shall we discuss repub VS democrat legislation over the past 25 yrs???

            11. Jason Lewis says:

              Fine let’s discuss the legislation over the past 25 years. You won’t discuss anything else. Everything that goes against the fantasy world you live in causes you to label it “uneducated” or something else. Let’s discuss your past 25 years of legislation and how you view it. Not too sure why you wanna discuss it with me being I’m uneducated but let’s do it.

            12. LibertyMonger says:

              You really think welfare is helping the blacks??? LMAO Here is LBJ saying “we’ll keep those N%ggers voting democrat for the next 200 years” -Lyndon B. Johnson

            13. larryt700 says:

              You’re wasting your time. The regressive libtards thinks that feeding welfare and dependency helps. . Bear in mind no libtard knows history or they wouldn’t spew their stupidity.

            14. Jmontalvo says:

              More whites on Welfare than blacks. More conservatives on welfare than liberals. You are all really stupid

            15. Ant. I. Liberal says:

              More Liberals who were On DRUGS When they Elected this Porch Monkey TWICE !

            16. Stuart says:

              Let’s point out some things about the Democrat party and this article and your comments that are completely false. 1-white privilege? I grew up poor so where was mind? Now let’s talk about your party 1- 0 Democrats voted to end slavery 2- 0 Democrats voted for equal voting rights for women and blacks 3- Democrats fought against desegregation 4-Have we forgotten LBJ’s saying and keep in mind he was a Democrat, We keep these N..ers voting democrat for the next 200yrs. 5- who started the KKK? The Democrat party did. What has the Democrat party done but cause racism under Obama . You hide under a false name and spew your hatred and lies . It’s uneducated fools like you who votes for idiots like Reid, Pelosi, and Obama .

            17. Dee Johnson says:

              Can you hear yourself? You are literally vomiting your opinion on Jason and you wouldn’t consider yourself an extremist? Time for a dictionary!!!

            18. REK says:

              He is a delusional hate mongering freak

            19. LibertyMonger says:

              Your fake liberal news sites are LYING TO YOU FOOL

            20. beenthere says:

              Some people do better with pictures than words. Just some to look throught and see if they fit your believes

            21. ccolthorp says:

              What thug academy did you go to? Yo

            22. wesley snipes says:

              How about Democrat Legislation: Jim Crow, slavery, the War on Poverty that’s created more poverty..shall I continue?

            23. Dee Johnson says:

              Jeez, regressive etc., I hate to pop your bubble, but you’re sounding pretty extremist yourself!!

            24. REK says:

              I would just say crazy

            25. Candy Bates Bohlinger says:

              Shall we review democrat legislation while we are at it. We e more people on gov’t assistance

            26. KC Vendetta says:

              Republican legislation over the past 25 years? I didn’t get that memo after the conservatives just did take a majority in Congress.

            27. REK says:

              You are a typical miss informed libturd sheep, keep drinking the cool aid moron, your definition is completely wrong, I would like you to convince my conservative Black and Mexican friends of this.

            28. juice says:

              Lol, don’t try Jason. These guys are so full of hate and vitriol there no helping them. It’s sad.

            29. LibertyMonger says:

              If any of you have any sense whatsoever, you would look up the TRUE
              HISTORY of racism and find it was the DEMOCRATS who have ALWAYS been the
              racists. They found they were losing elections so they decided to
              pretend to be the only ones who “care for minority’s to keep you idiots
              “voting democrat for the next 200 years” How can you truly buy into all this fake liberal BS? I have never met a “white supremicist” and guarantee you have only seen one on tv. It was THE DEMOCRATS who were the KKK and they are still today, hiding their faces with hoods. Wise up fools. Stop watching so much tv it is killing your brains.

            30. REK says:

              Let the hatred in your heart go, GOD loves you. so angry

            31. Rod says:

              Sweetirony, you would agree I am sure because you say you are antiracist that the most racist organisation in US history is still the KKK. Well the real IRONY here is that the KKK was a creation of the Democrats and it was not only aimed against blacks but also Republicans a large number of whom were murdered and physically beaten for their support of blacks. Now I call that REAL IRONY. Do you know where you find more Democrats than Republicans? In the Prison system. Now that would make Democrats real dumb don’t you think.

            32. Tom says:

              Calling someone who disagrees with you racist is a complete misuse of the meaning of racist. Low information people like sweetirony don’t understand that and never will.

            33. CatoYounger says:

              You mean the educational system taken over and run by liberals? Lol.

            34. Sweetirony says:

              because no right wing pawn is smart enough to teach science properly or anything that matters?…yeah

            35. regressive white trash reli says:

              read “AMERICAS CONSERVATIVE ROAD TO DESTRUCTION,,,,A BRIEF HISTORY”…….it separates racism to the tentacles in which TRUE racism exists today: and how its easier than ever to spot even with its disguises

            36. John Draper says:

              And fascism Jason? extreme Left or extreme Right?
              If you say left, better look it up in a dictionary. I suggest Oxford. Here is a scan from American Heritage. Is there any written word more credible than the dictionary. The bible is questionable at best.

            37. Jason Lewis says:

              The term “right” is used to desbribe the Republican side. I don’t think it has anything to do with the definition you show. Anyway, take the word right out of the definiton and it describe Democrats much more. Who wants buisness controlled by the state? The only personal right Demcocrats are about is your right to choose to terminate a pregnancy. If facism is less Federal govenment and more state control along with more personal responsibility and self determination them I’m a facist.

            38. LibertyMonger says:

              So you live in the fantasy you are forced to believe that your fake liberal leaders are truly liberal LMAO. Thomas Jefferson was a TRUE LIBERAL. Hate to break the news to you but you are being conned.

            39. John Draper says:

              What the hell does that have to do with fascism being extreme right? LOLOLOLOL

              My fake liberal leaders? you make ASSumptions like that often? Hate to break the news to you. LOLOLOL Not all my views are LW, I was a NRA member for example, I have a CCW. My views on crime and punishment is as RW as you can get. My voter ID shows Independent and voted for Jeb Bush twice. So how little YOU know. LOLOLOLOL

            40. Nathaniel J. Lee says:

              Actually the further right you go the more anarchist you are, whereas the further left you go the more you learn towards communism. Look it up.

            41. John Draper says:

              You look it up
              Generally accepted political spectrum

            42. fedupatitall says:

              Jason wins.

            43. Jmontalvo says:

              Your Bullshit is so evident, Republicans are the one’s that rile up the base telling them the Mexicans are taking over, the Muslims are invading, black people are lazy. Your just like the people described in the article, poor cognitive reasoning. If racisma ended a whole group of GOP voters wouldn’t vote for the conservative party.

          2. LibertyMonger says:

            If any of you have any sense whatsoever, you would like up the TRUE
            HISTORY of racism and find it was the DEMOCRATS who have ALWAYS been the
            racists. They found they were losing elections so they decided to
            pretend to be the only ones who “care for minority’s” to keep you idiots
            “voting democrat for the next 200 years”

          3. Nathaniel J. Lee says:

            Racism only still exists because the left makes it exist. Let’s talk facts, the democrat party established the KKK, they established minimum wage to keep newly freed slaves from undermining white workers by making sure they couldn’t offer cheap labor, they were pro segregation, and anti interracial marriage. They have only changed their views to fit their needs. Deep seated liberal values are still these things. They are all about controlling the masses, and are borderline communists. This is why they want control of the schools, the banks, your healthcare, everything. They believe people are expendable, and are on the verge of destroying the country. Oh and you want to talk intelligence??? Liberals aren’t intelligent, this is why they cannot get real degrees, fine arts, education, political science, and general education. They can’t make it in a real career, or educational path so they take an easy road, then blame the right for not being able to find a job. you rarely see liberals that excell in engineering, accounting, business, or any other real career field. This is because they lack intelligence. The average IQ is barely on level with the national average of 110-125. Whereas most successful conservatives have IQ’s well above that. Not that an IQ actually means anything. It’s just a way of telling people your ability to learn.

            1. John Draper says:

              Lets talk facts: the democratic party in the mid 1800’s were the conservative party. The Republican party was the more liberal party as was the party they broke off from, which was the Whig party. The Tories were the conservatives backing the King, making the Whigs the LW rebelling against the king. Sometime too little of history can really screw you up esp. when you get that history from Glenn Beck and/or Limbaugh. LOLOLOLOL

            2. Uriah Dalton Douglas says:

              The Republicans did not break off from the Whig Party. They were anti-slavery Democrats who joined the Northern Whig Party. The KKK was founded by Southern Democrats. It was a Republican President that federalized the National Guards of two southern states to force their Democratic Governers to allow desegregation. The Democratic Party is still full of hatred and guile. They have just changed the race.

            3. John Draper says:

              And the 1800 democratic party was STILL the conservative party, no matter how much you hem and haw. The Republican party was still the comparatively liberal party, ie: definition of conservative = traditional. The Republican party was breaking away from tradition.

            4. CatoYounger says:

              Ah yes that ridiculous myth that one day the two parties just up and swapped places in the dead of night. Talk about stupid…

            5. John Draper says:

              Your comment is pretty stupid! and idiotic the time between 1800 and 2010 is not overnight clown. Did you see the part about Classical liberalism here. Look up classical liberalism and get back to me.

            6. John Draper says:

              ” Oh and you want to talk intelligence??? Liberals aren’t intelligent, this is why they cannot get real degrees”

              Albert Einstein was a liberal – LOLOLOL

            7. John Draper says:

              “you rarely see liberals that excell [sic] in engineering, accounting, business, or any other real career field. This is because they lack intelligence. The average IQ is barely on level with the national average of 110-125. Whereas most successful conservatives have IQ’s well above that. Not that an IQ actually means anything. It’s just a way of telling people your ability to learn.”

              There will always be a multitude who are congenitally unable to think straight. We simply call them Republicans.

            8. CatoYounger says:

              Says the party of speech codes, safe rooms, vaccine and GM food scares, shouting down of speakers on campuses, etc.

        2. Penance says:

          Do you have a link to that study? I would be fascinated to see proof that people who believe the Earth is 6000 years old and that Jesus rode around on dinosaurs, are more “scientifically literate”, than the average pre schooler who knows it is bullshit of epic proportions..

          1. Eva Foster says:

            Not all conservatives believe that, very few actually do.

          2. REK says:

            You are delusional in your facts, typical libturd

      2. Edward Yousey says:

        Goes to show the libs believe anything MSNBC feeds them

        1. John Draper says:

          Like the idiots of the right don’t listen to FOX , Beck and Limbaugh – LOLOLOLOL

      3. tonylocke says:

        Don’t you mean “you’re evolved?” Shouldn’t you have better grammar than the people you’re (note the proper usage of the contraction) condescending to?

      4. ccolthorp says:

        Just because two liberals came up with this survey makes this a fact?

      5. wesley snipes says:

        I like how you couldn’t even spell “conservatives”…dumb@$$

      6. fedupatitall says:

        Snott, it is not a matter of intelligence. It is applying intelligence in everyday situations. That is where liberals fail. Also, facts, for liberals, are whatever suits their shepherds’ needs at that particular moment in time. They also change frequently due to either failing or changes to their agenda.

      7. CatoYounger says:

        Oh save it. Most liberals I know can’t reason in a straight line to save their lives – its all about their feeeelings. I would happily put my IQ up against anyone on this site any day.

    3. Claire L Swinford says:

      If you could please refute the methodology of the underpinning studies, we could then understand how this might be bullshit. Until such time as you refute the validity of said studies by way of factual dissent, we can only assume that they are valid based upon the fact that they were published, peer reviewed, and their methodology is transparent. (and I’ve made it easier for you by spelling the word methodology, so that you might look it up.)

      1. Jason Lewis says:

        Thanks for the spelling help and the way you worded your response to make yourself feel smarter than you actually are. (intellegent people don’t feel the need to do that)My refute is the article basically states those who are homophobic or racist tend to have lower IQ’s. This may be true. They then determine that conservatives are racist and homophobic which is anything but true. They have absolutely zero methodology for how they determined conservatives are those things. Nothing more than more liberal bullshit to make yourselves feel superior. Look up some IQ scores of liberal vs conservatives from a non-bias source and you will be suprised. While you guys do have many in academia, you also have voters which are the bottom of the barrel in the IQ factor. Have a nice day Claire.

        1. regressive white trash reli says:

          I prefer to look up state and federal democratic policies VS regressive GOP policies over the past 25 yrs and the effects punctuated upon all americans during that time.

        2. John Draper says:

          Einstein was a liberal, so there is one you can look up. LOLOLOL

      2. Craig Braley says:

        So I am curious of who the reviewing and the peer reviews are? And to say the article is valid because it was published is a far cry to make it factual. The founding fathers wrote the Constitution over 200 years ago. They were the ones that said these laws are necessary for a free society. They had conservative points of view for the most part. I am curious to your response or even if you would respond. To say someone’s IQ is lower based on their political beliefs is ridiculous. And you better check your history-Republicans are the ones who fought for the freeing if the slaves back in the day. You should really check your history first.

        1. Johnson says:

          Oh, dear. We have anecdotal evidence right here in you. You’ve failed American History, as you didn’t know that slavery and Jim Crow were about ideologies and geography, not political parties. Democrats were conservatives at one time, and Republicans liberals, but that changed over time. Slavery and the denial of civil rights was more of an south of Mason Dixon. In fact, the southern Democrats, aka Dixiecrats, left the Democratic Party over civil rights and became Republicans. Research Strom Thurmond.
          YOU really should check your history first. What an imbecile.

    4. Jeff Wescott says:

      Thanks for that bit of chest thumping, Jason. Ad hominem much?

  7. PitbullDad says:

    What about Lib-Tards? Don’t need a study to reach the same conclusion.

    1. Scott Cole says:

      PitbullDad, Is that the “I know you are, but what am I” defense?

    2. Claire L Swinford says:

      Well, except for the fact that all conclusions necessarily following the scientific method – or, if you will, a study. Barring said process, you’re just pulling opinions out of your ass and drowning in confirmation bias. (I realize, this “smart person” stuff is complex, please try to keep up.)

      1. PitbullDad says:

        The best research methodology is the one that proves the point you want to make

        1. Jeff Wescott says:

          Spoken like the chief Nazi himself: “in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie..” Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

    3. Ronald"The Decider" Palin says:

      Ahhh…. The classic fallacy, “argument from spite”. Further evidence as to mental retard genes flowing freely through the conservative population. You guys should do some culling of your herd. That might improve your situation.

    4. regressive white trash reli says:

      correct,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we ‘libtards’ prefer EQUAL equality for ALL americans ( not just white trash religious regressive heterosexual inbred religious lemmings) as well as women also having equal rights,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      you; you DO understand the concept and implementation of E..Q..U..A..L..I..T..Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, donnnncha?
      allow this example: in the for of a question-
      ” which religion ( or religions) in the USA should have more freedom?”

  8. Mickey Jackson says:

    I believe that Republicans are not stupid people. After examining the behavior for years. I believe they are just simple minded people guided by the wealthy class to do their biding. If this logic follows, each one of them has a weakness. Follow that weakness and one will find a way to control a simple mind. This explains the behavior of Religion, Bigotry, Greed, Selifishness, Pretending, Overlooking, Non-Criticaly  and Derainged thinking. Proaganda and Religion are two examples ways to control a simple minded group. We the people must find and fund ways to do the samething. This will confuse the Republican voters and change the balance of power to a more responsible minded leadership in this country.

    1. nobaddog says:

      And another highly intelligent Democrat examining republican behaviour. Your examination of the Obama White House leads you to believe that he is smart? He loves you ignorant white persons too.
      Psst. You misspelled a whole bunch of the words in your comment genius! Surely everyone on this site noticed!! LOL

      1. Jeff Wescott says:

        I noticed in your own response: a sentence fragment; an uncapitalized proper noun; a declarative posing as an interrogative; two comma splices; and one non sequitur.

        1. Rhonda Thissen says:

          LOL… nobaddog’s whole response was a non sequitur.

          1. Mary Goodson says:

            You appear to have no idea what a non sequitur IS.

            1. Rhonda Thissen says:

              I’ll humor you because it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m in a good mood. From the Latin for “does not follow,” a non sequitur is a statement or phrase in which the conclusion does not logically follow from what preceded it. Mickey was talking about analyzing Republican behavior, to which nobaddog responded with a claim about Obama’s love for “ignorant white persons” (IWP). There is no way to deduce Obama’s love for IWP by analyzing Republican behavior, therefore his post is not only irrelevant to the subject at hand but also a non sequitur. Actually, I guess he got a double word score on that one since it’s both a logical and “literary” fallacy.

    2. REK says:

      Really what party does the welfare infested urban people vote for, your the sheep dumb ass

  9. Proud2bfromtheUSA says:

    This is funny since the democrats were the creators of the KKK. Hilarious study. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

  10. susan slater says:

    You have all been kind in your assessment of what is called a conservative with a racist core of reacting.They are simplify thugs, that group up in knuckle dragging, slandering rock throwing mobs, para-citing, like fleas, off our amazing , awesome American system. Yes haters are required to be stupid and not informed of truth and have no core of ethics..Now there are decent conservatives but they are usually bullied into silence by the others who control them.

  11. patrick quinn says:

    Brought to you by “Climate Change” ideologs…I mean scientists

  12. nobaddog says:

    …and you Democrats are as smart as the majority black folks with your views. We all know blacks are the smartest people in America, just like the people on this site. Very very smart! LOL
    oh the edit is, White people are stupid and have low IQ’s! LOLOL

  13. Ryan says:

    I’m calling intact male bovine poop here, folks. My IQ is above average, and I am more conservative than liberal, though I consider myself a purple voter. If you want to consider the level of intelligence of a group of people, let’s ponder those among the liberal faithful who gripe and moan about the rich getting richer, and inequality between corporate types and the regular fellow now tout the recent gains in the stock market as a feather in the cap of the administration. How many minimum wage workers have a stock portfolio? Who is benefiting from the stock market? Corporate types! How many of the blue crew have no issue with Al Sharpton being an adviser to the White House, when he owes more in unpaid taxes than several of us combined earn in a year? I have no issue with liberal thought processes when they make sense, but to spout trash like this, when there are plenty of stupid liberals as well? C’mon now…

  14. Sweetirony says:

    …can you link the studies of the low IQ’s please? I want to post this on facebook but it will make me look stupid if there is no works cited for your statement.

  15. Ted Heim says:

    You Liberals are nothing but hate mongers that do nothing constructive and everything to tear apart this country.

  16. Dee Johnson says:

    I am a fiscal Conservative. The last time I was checked my IQ was 127. Not good enough to get into Mensa. I have never had a problem with people who are black or any other color, but that was, luckily, the way I was raised. My mother was VERY Christian. She tried, but I ended up not a religious person. Perhaps because I was a Trekkie and the Bible was way too confining for that. I always believed in the possibilities. Although I do stand up for their right to practice their religion in whatever way they see fit. I owned a B&B in a college town and I met many people who were visiting the college. Absolutely brilliant people. However, quite a few had the common sense of a gnat. Some would be hard pressed to think their way out of a paper sack. There was a couple who stayed with me once a month. They came to take care of their son, a mathematics PHD, who could barely function on a day to day basis. They paid his bills and bought groceries and saw that his apartment was cleaned. They once helped him move and took care of the changeover for utilities. He was way too intelligent to muck around with such things. In short, if intelligence is not tempered with common sense, it is of little value in day to day living. I have not been impressed with how INtolerant Liberals can be. My opinion is just as valid, yet, to their mind, it is not valid at all. Get real, people! If I had a bakery, I would bake a gay couple a cake. Of course, I can understand why someone would not want to. It isn’t the end of the world! Those who were once bullied have become the bullies! I have a feeling I am totally wasting my breath, but I have an opinion and it is valid whether you like it or not. i wish you well.

  17. gmandude says:

    Fact: Liberal ideology relies heavily on fantasy in order to maintain some semblance of credibility in the face of reality. Liberals need articles such as this to make themselves feel better after all the juggling they have to do to avoid facing reality. For example: The Bible clearly states that homosexual behavior is wrong, yet, liberals believe the Bible doesn’t say this. They don’t believe when God said this, “Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error,” that He is really saying homosexuality is wrong. They explain it off with blah, blah, blah fantasy that twists the reality of the words in to something that says homosexuality is OK.

    I guess I can see how they would think their IQ’s are higher since they have to do some much juggling and twisting of facts to match their ideology. It really is quite comical to get into a debate with a liberal because they get so flustered when all you do is stay on the facts and don’t follow their mindless trail of misdirection intended to confuse when they really have no answer at all.

  18. Dee Johnson says:

    You may be right about Southerners not being as smart….I was a freaking Democrat for over 40 years. John Kerry is a moron and I refused to vote for him. I am a Democrat from the Kennedy era. Which bears NO relationship to the current party. It is the current party that drove me to the other side.

  19. Hateful Heretic says:

    American Conservatives have a mean IQ of 95. This means conservatives are stupid.

    American blacks have a mean IQ of 85. This means the concept of IQ is racist.

  20. Lil Bit Psycho says:

    Google “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. Ya just can’t hit a knuckle-head with facts.

  21. Steve Etheredge says:

    dumb – duh, dumb – dumb. liberals…

  22. David Lane says:

    lol, I could say the same things on liberals, like clueless baby producing welfare receiving morons or almost any democrat politician that thinks an island will tip over or that a 32 year old single man needs maternity health coverage or the dipshit democrat whip that didn’t know a magazine could be re-loaded….please. Liberals are morons as a whole, and there are a few wacko’s that think they are republicans…..

  23. Candy Bates Bohlinger says:

    You post a photo of the KKK and state that conservatives are the racists with low IQ’s but obviously it is you liberals who have the low IQ and are racist. The KKK was founded by liberal democrats and it is you who keep them still enslaved with all your free handouts. President Johnson, a Democrat was caught on tape stating: “I’ll get those niggers to vote Democrat for the next 100 years, just keep giving them free handouts. You just keep proving how stupid you are by trying to make the conservatives look bad.MLK was a republican conservative who had it right, you better yourself by working hard and not taking handouts from the gov’t.

  24. Candy Bates Bohlinger says:

    And, by the way, liberals heads EXPLODE when faced with the truth, they just can’t get their tiny minds around the truth and have tantrums when they can’t win.

  25. Phil Wells says:

    Libs really are idiots aren’t they….I call them the religion of the easily led

  26. Chris says:

    This is amazing. I love how the liberal mind works. They claim conservatives are so racist but if I’m not mistaken it was Democrats who invented the Klan after the civil war to keep blacks out of the election booths so they could regain power in the south. Then Grant (a Republican) sent troops to the south to crush them and did so. Then when the civil rights fight was going on the Democrats yet again resurrected the klan to intimidate blacks. It is about this time when the Liberal will tell you yeah that was then but the parties changed sides. They won’t want to talk about Democratic governor Wallace trying to lock blacks out of the schools along with several other Democratic governors. They will not want to talk about all of the Jim Crow laws that Democrats passed across this country. They will not tell you that California had the most Jim Crow laws passed by the Democrats because there were Mexicans, Asians, Indians, and Blacks here so they were equally racist to all races. They won’t tell you that at least two Democratic Senators were card carrying member of the klan well past the 70s. They won’t tell you that the every bit of the Civil rights legislation passed was done so by those evil Republicans while the Democrats almost completely voted against it. LBJ only signed it because he knew he has to. It was then and there Liberals claim the sides turned and LBJ was quoted as saying “we will have those N#$$@! voting democrat for the next 200 years”. It may shock you to find that JFK even voted against it but changed is position when he ran for President. Even today you can find those velvet pictures of MLK, Malcom X, and JFK in blacks living rooms. They won’t tell you MLK was most probably an evil Republican just like his dad was. In fact His dad was a high ranking member in the Republican party. They also won’t want to talk to you about the Great New Society failure that has pushed blacks to the bottom and has kept them chained with welfare, destroying their family structure, and taking their education to new lows. If I am wrong someone give me an example anywhere in this country where these programs have been a success story? Anyone? Didn’t think so. What this article if you want to call it that does not explain is if Conservatives are dumber than Liberals why are they always pointing at conservatives having all of this money and running big business? How do all of these stupid people do it? I need to know how so many super smart liberals are always found marching around these cites looking like a bunch of half baked pot heads who have never seen a shower? Why are they carrying so much guilt? Could be due to all of the atrocities they have committed through out history? They seem to hate the Jews as well just like another socialist in history but for some reason the Jews seem to side with them just as many did in Germany. Soros still agrees with what Hitler did. Oh yes the liberal mind is a twisted pile alright. If you ever meet a Liberal and don’t know how smart they are just wait five minuets and they will tell you.

  27. CharlesSchlaff says:

    lol–you guys amuse me–by the way where are the billion Hillary–ahum–supposedly lost in her short term as Secretary of State , why does Obama and his wife talk so much trash about whitey ? hum–

  28. CharlesSchlaff says:

    Liberal America has caused riots , even started the K.K.K , voted for a traitorous scum bag to get into the presideny twice all while yelling racism every time some one does not agree with them. Well well , you screamed at Nixon , and praise Hillary . You blame young women for allowing themselves to be taken advantage of by Bill Clinton , you want people to fight for your rights yet condemn people for their freedom of speeches , you yell bullshit because of people wanting to protect and adhere to their 2nd amendment rights , but are the first to be crying for help when you are being beaten, robbed and raped in the streets, you spend money you dont have all the while putting your hands out , when you get old and have none of the promises of a retirement program and you look around and see that the illegals are living better then you are on the tax payers dime because of so called anchor kids . You step on the constitution when it fits your agenda and like Obama and Hillary you dont understand that no one is above the law , law is law and everyone needs to be held accountable and lastly America has spoken , even though you guys committed so much voter fraud conservatives hold the Senate and will soon hold the presidency , and yes you fear this because every scum bag that thought and still think they can bypass congress , bypass the will of the majority and stomp on the Constitution will be held on treason charges .

  29. CharlesSchlaff says:

    Why is it that old Democrats are now Republicans ?

  30. Guest says:

    The real problem with this sort of an article is that misses a very important fact: when comparing different groups of humans, Anthropologists consistently conclude that we have more in common than we have in difference–that is why racism is incoherent. It’s also why bullshit like this is incoherent. There are plenty of dumb conservatives, but there are also plenty of dumb liberals. There are also plenty of smart people who believe what they believe based on well-reasoned, thoughtful analysis. I have the blessing of having both in my extended family, and we are able to stay civil enough to see past our differences and understand that we all tend to want the same things–we just disagree about what the optimum strategy for achieving them is. That’s enough to tell me that political belief is probably not about smarts, but more likely a function of a person’s underlying utility function. How about we do a better job of educating our kids and training them to think coherently and act ethically? That should be the real take-home. Then maybe we can start finding a way forward as a society. Otherwise, all that this sort of article is is a pat on the back, and an effort to make oneself feel better about having unanalyzed bias.

  31. Penance says:

    Just throwing a bit of devils advocate in here, but sure this would also apply to far left, communist ideologies and those who blindly follow them. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge, knows they are just as simplistic and just as extreme.

  32. mark wyatt says:

    If you look at the present line-up off GOP presidential hopefuls , including Sara Palin , Ted Nugent and Phil Robertson who have stated they would run if asked , and then you look at how many are actual science deniars and truly believe the earth may well be 6,ooo years old as Bachman, Santorum , Perry , Cruz’ , Huck etc are all on record stating you really have zero room to argue with this neo-cons , at the very least theyre pandering to a buck ignorant voting base . .

  33. bariola says:

    I guess that would mean that all conspiracy theorists (you know, people who don’t believe the statements of proven liars and understand that conspiracy is a part of the human condition) can be included in the mix, as they are also accused of over-simplifying complex socio-political realities (e.g., follow the money and “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”). I don’t believe in Chupacabra or that Elvis is still alive, but I do believe that the power elite are solely concerned with maintaining their power and only give the masses as much as needed to prevent revolution. Am I a nutcase or simply not a starry-eyed, pseudo-patriotic chump?

    Tea Party members are concerned about where this country is headed like everyone else who pays attention. I somehow doubt that most would want to form a theocracy, although I’m sure that a few might be tempted given the chance. No, this country was not founded on Christian principles, but on Enlightenment ideals.

    I believe that women should have equal rights, but should be held to the same physical standards as males when it comes to jobs like law enforcement or fire prevention. I believe in evolution but I also believe in the golden rule. I believe that there is a major crisis of violence and dysfunction amongst Blacks in our inner-city areas, but I blame it on social engineering by the power elite, not because Blacks are inferior. I do not adhere to any religion (as I believe they are all man-made) but I am deeply concerned about what I perceive to be an increasing lack of moral decency on TV (kids don’t need to see people copulating with little more than a blanket (if that) to cover the “naughy bits” when they turn on the TV when they get home from school). I’m Jewish but I detest how the Israeli government has treated the Palestinians. I could go on.

    So, while some purported features of extreme right wingers irritate and concern me, I don’t believe that we can divide the human population into two opposing camps (and I know that a few extreme right-wingers do hate Jews, but most, at least if they are Born Again, support Jews and Israel). IMO, dividing the human species into two distinct groups is absurd.

    Of course, we could just as easily condemn extreme lefties, like the disciples of Dr. Eric Pianka, who advocate that the human species be largely wiped out in order to save Mother Earth, or people who insist that there is no problem in our inner-cities except for racist police and police brutality (which is certainly a part of the equation, but by no means the whole story).

    Isn’t dividing the human species into two opposing camps oversimplifying matters?

  34. John Schroeder says:

    I really did not need a study to show such. Conservative views in society are based on fear and not understanding. Not being able to grasp change or even reason such. Thankfully the founding fathers of this nation were progressive men that could think outside of what society of that that time thought. The same could be said of such men as Issac Newton or DiVinci. Yet what is really nefarious of the whole of the Christian right / Tea party movement. Is those that can actually think outside the box to envision a better world. Yet use this to suppress, along with create fear as they mislead so many of simple minds. If those brave men that created our country had been denied then those same fools would today not have a voice, such is the irony of it all. That those idiots that denounce progressive minds would not have that chance if not for progressive minds. Hey the world is not flat and history has proven that no matter what progressive minds always bring change. An humanity besides its on inherent death wish advances, thanks to those progressive minds.

  35. Sick_of_Insanity says:

    The dumbest, least educated (actually least able to even listen to any other truth but their own) of Americans are the Far Far Far Right and the Far Far Far Left. Those of us in the middle who actually read and listen to both sides and do our “due diligence” in looking at the facts and not perceived truths are in fact the smart ones. We are also the ones with no time for the ridiculous political shenanigans, because we are working and trying to raise smart kids.

  36. Dean Haas Jr says:

    Interesting that you have a picture of the K.K.K., who were Southern Democrats, as a reference to Conservatives…along with a picture of swastika-wearing Nazis, who were formed from the Socialist Workers Party, of which Hitler was a member….maybe you should refine your propaganda parameters before shoving this elitist crap in our faces.

  37. Richard Mills says:

    so Martin Luther King was a “LOW IQ”? Albert Einstein? idiot libtards!

  38. Roger.G says:

    LOL! They show a picture of the KKK, the Democrats strong arm then one of National Socialists. What does Conservatives have to do with either? NOTHING!!!!

  39. Stephen Giljum says:

    All of the members of my family are conservative. IQ’s range from 125, 132, 136, 157 to 181. None are racists.

    So the dumbest one has an IQ in the exceptional range, 2 in the very exceptional, 1 well into the genius range and one in high genius range.

    So much for liberals being more intelligent than conservatives.

  40. Eva Foster says:

    Wow, a survey determines IQ? Well, ok. You do realize that the exact same thing can be done for liberals with similar results. Also, stating that the theory goes back to 1958 blows the theory that the Republicans and Democrats reversed ideologies after that time. Because if a conservative today is a conservative of 1958, then they never switched and it was the Democrats that really did start the KKK and were against the Civil Rights Movement. LBJ, democrat president, wasn’t a fan.

  41. Missy says:

    Oh, bless. I tend to not judge like this article does. I take each person at face value as I meet them. We can all find a study somewhere that will support a belief. Or at least enough of that belief to make our point. Whatever it may be at that moment. No on part of the country is smarter scholastically than the other. No one part of the country has more social graces than the other. If you look in every state, every city, every town you will find the haves and have nots. That dictates alot to whom advances their studies at Universities and becomes more wordly and to whom does not.Therefore, achieving higher knowledge in many ways. Advances only afforded to those that are fortunate to walk that successful path. We are an ever moving society it’s seems now. So whether someone is obnoxious, ignorant, less educated and socially inept or if they are not obnoxious, brilliant, highly educated and socially inclined; don’t assume they are from there because they find a stereotype. They may have moved there from the “other side of the railroad tracks”, or Mason Dixon line. Of course we all have roots but the highways go in all directions. Conservative, Liberal, Independant…whatever! We told our children to not vote as we do. Go research every option, opinion, party and candidate. For your own ideals and what you stand for. No one person can make us all happy; whatever side of politics, education, social status or even tracks you were born to, or moved to. I also taught them how to have healthy discussions and debates on all their beliefs without bashing or speaking in a condescending manner to or about someone with differences. No matter what the subject. Class knows no bounderies.

  42. Missy says:

    Typo…in post below. I meant “steriotypes they fit” and “form their own”..

  43. Missy says:

    Spellchecker is killing me..stereotypes.
    Might I add..I do like reading everyone’s point of view. It’s very interesting.

  44. LibertyMonger says:

    If any of you have any sense whatsoever, you would like up the TRUE HISTORY of racism and find it was the DEMOCRATS who have ALWAYS been the racists. They found they were losing elections so they decided to pretend to be the only ones who “care for minority’s to keep you idiots “voting democrat for the next 200 years”

  45. Thomas L. Thompson says:

    I find it laughable that they would accompany this “article” with a picture of Democrats all dressed up in their Klan outfits.
    The Democrats were the Klan, after all.

  46. Laurel West says:

    Les’s make sure we are taken seriously by calling people names right out the door. Can’t find proof to back us up so revert to name calling, that’s the liberal way. Also make sure we post plenty of pictures of the KKK a traditionally democrat group that opposes equal rights for people not like them.

  47. Cliff Britt says:

    Having experienced the “cleverness” of the Marxist/Liberal types, I know dogs that are smarter than most of the Liberal shit merchants that permeate our government. Great examples are; The Islamic Psychotic Ignorant Red Negro in the WH. Of course I must mention Nancy “pass it and we will know what’s in it” Pelosi; a blooming imbecile. And I can’t possibly leave out “literati” like Elizabeth “Fauxcohontas” Warren.

  48. David Van Dam says:

    Impulsive acceptance of selected “studies” reveal an ignorant confirmation bias of the “progressive” mind. There is enough and, probably, an equivalent amount of ignorance on both side of the political spectrum. For everyone, you cannot see what you do not know.

  49. tommize says:

    Just a pile of trash. If this were truly a study, it would include much more info as to the manner in which it was conducted. One clue that this is totally useless is the use of the word “proof.” Only a mathematics treatise would use it. This is just a liberal pile of trash.

  50. Jo Ann O'Connor says:

    Phhht! That’s about the most ignorant article I’ve read!

  51. AF Sarge says:

    Well the group that enslaved the blacks and lost the civil war created the Jim Crow laws and tried to stop Desegregation sound like racists to me so we must all be stupid because the Democrats did all of the above and I’m a conservative

  52. Tom Petrik says:

    Let’s see, given that democrats are the ones who formed the KKK, set up john crow laws, and instituted gun control to keep guns away from newly freed blacks….

    I’m guessing that means liberals are failed conservatives.

  53. REK says:

    Let’s look at all the bankrupt cities and states, let see why democrats think it’s ok for black people to kill black people in Chicago, let’s look at why democrats think it’s ok for Mexican drug cartels should have a strong hold on most urban communities, fact check that asshole libturds

    1. Sweetirony says:

      lol the classic republican “black people and democrats think that black on black crime is ok” …have you fucking heard yourself? how are you so stupid to a point where that makes sense? have you heard anyone go “oh well that doesnt matter”…by that logic why are republicans ok with white people raping everyone and shooting up schools? just because some people do it doesnt mean an entire group is ok with fucking idiot….no fox news is not right stop being a pawn. Get an education

  54. Frank says:

    There are lies, damn lies, then statistics! The reality is that while most conservative people are getting jobs or education that matters most libtards are still in school taking philosophy classes! Then they complain when the only thing they can do is work at Starbucks and can’t even change a tire! Education doesn’t equal intelligence, you can teach a monkey to read!!

  55. Austin K. Smith says:

    Interesting. So suddenly all conservatives are racist, sexist, homophobic religious fanatics; thanks. I’m obviously racist because my best friend is African-American. And the usage of the word “homophobia” is wrong. Just because someone disagrees with a person’s lifestyle, doesn’t make them fearful of them. Are you all “Christian-phobes” for not believing what we do? No, and most of us wouldn’t want to be called homophobes. Most conservatives are friends with gay people. Their gay friends tolerate their beliefs, and the conservatives tolerate theirs. Though, of course there are deviants, just like for every belief. Some are more tolerant than others. And also, tolerance means you live with something, most people also use tolerance incorrectly. And with the “new definition” liberals tend to use, wouldn’t that make you all intolerant to conservatives? Yes. It does.

  56. Nathaniel J. Lee says:

    I wouldn’t put any credibility behind an author that calls people “cray-cray”

  57. Ellwood says:

    I simply cannot take seriously someone who uses “teabully” and “cray-cray” in their opening paragraph.

  58. jhwarner1 says:

    Well it’s somewhat true as it was Democrats who created the Ku Klux Klan and similar racist groups, not to mention it was Democrats who fought against the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s (i.e. Robert Byrd, et al.). It was the Democrat Party that created and imposed Jim Crow laws, etc. So yes, these people may very well have low IQs ….. but they also happen to be a majority of those with low IQs. Of course we could also discuss the low IQs of all those unfortunate Democrats going to urban schools in large Democrat run cities. Of course there folk are very leftwing (as all Socialists, Communists and Fascists are far leftwing – different sides of the same coin as it were). So yes, Democrats are largely very weak with very low IQs.

  59. Jennifer Diehn says:

    As usual, logic and critical thinking gives way to name-calling. Yes, this is aimed at the liberal left-wingers. Am I conservative? No, not really; closer to center, and I am ashamed of the bipartisanship evident in our own people. We are supposed to be a united people looking out for each other, but instead we allow ourselves to be divided by rumor, hate-mongering, and political correctness. Before you “pick a side,” do some research, study ideologies besides your own, and try to understand ALL perspectives. And to be my usual non-PC self – grow up, get out of your comfort zones, and learn how to provide a logical argument – it goes much further than mudslinging.

  60. Denise N Jeffrey Walley says:

    The fact of the matter is conservatives are leaders and most liberals are followers… Without original thought how would it be factual that liberals hold more intellect? And BTW Saying all Conservatives are racist is like saying all liberals are on Welfare…

  61. Jeffrey Lamela says:

    Hmm, I have a laugh about things like this with the black members of my extended family (I am white), and my gay cousin and his partner about how “racist and bigoted” I am supposed to be based on “studies” such as these. Now I will ponder with them about how I managed to obtain a PhD from Princeton with such a low IQ.

  62. Sheri Johnson says:

    Lovely conversation. Having a master’s degree and believing everyone has an opinion makes me open minded. Deciding who’s correct and who’s wrong is based on research and reading. Making decisions about people based on what they say and not what they do is pure idiocy. Want to find an elite, homophobic, racist, watch how that person treats those who can’t profit them. Conservative or liberal–if you treat people differently, you are a pig. I am a Bible believing Christian who grew up poor with a mother who was mistreated because she was a secretary. I believe every word of the Bible. Being poor taught me that education and hard work are important. We never received federal aid even after my father died, and we lost our house. Notice I managed to insult no one and refrained from using obscenities. This article is narrow minded, poorly research, and proves nothing except people are gullible.

  63. akjim99 says:

    The KKK photo was filled with Democrats. These turds are seriously lacking in anything remotely related to intelligence and reason.

  64. Sandlapper69 says:

    More “Liberal Supremacy” BS! No better than the “White Supremacy” BS! Takes a real big person to lie to himself and his friends in an effort to feel superior.

  65. Don Smith says:

    Classic Libtard ” I’M sooo much smarter than you are…” bull$hit !

  66. rogerwmbennett says:

    Study shows liberals don’t know how to calibrate a crap detector.

  67. Robert Mayfield says:

    You are so funny!

  68. Oscarisback says:

    Your sample is apparently not big enough. Being a fiscal conservative with a recent measured IQ in the 130 range, I wonder what you used for a sample. Or the questions that were asked to get the results.

  69. CB1 says:

    No article where the author starts out using the term “Cray-cray” should be taken seriously.

  70. Mike Vigh says:

    I always try to give the author of something like this, the benefit of the doubt and read what they have to write.
    A few lines into the article, I can not only read the writer’s bias, it is very off-putting because they lost all objectivity.
    My recommendation is that you leave your bias at the door and try to present this BS in a manner that will have people looking to see if it is well researched and the sampling.

    By the way, you can tout your parents education all you want, that doesn’t make you any more educated than the son of a physics professor who eats his own boogers and scratches his butt to smell his finger to see if what he had for breakfast made it through his digestive system by dinner time.

  71. SeRiOuSLy!!?? says:

    reading this paper i came to the conclusion that like most things liberal they just geared questions to get the answers/results they wanted. this whole thing is total BS!!

  72. tim says:

    I think everyone is missing the “ideological” point of the differentiation of political thought here. Regardless of what you may think, or have been told, or have ‘lernt’ in ‘skrewll’, allow me to define the differences between “liberalism”, and ” conservatism”.

    Liberal: Apply legislation liberally.

    Conservative: Apply legislation conservatively.

    This end today’s lesson in political ideology. And my IQ was 146 when last tested around 1998 when I dropped out of college because I was tired of being the smartest MF’er in the room, yet treated like a lepper because I believed in individual liberty, individual accountability, personal liberty, and limited government. But I digress…

    I’m just a racist idiot, according to this study…

    Yet I’ve never met a liberal capable of debating any point against me. Ever. So, the challenge is thrown. Any takers want to debate an “average” conservative/libertarian mind? And yes, in my circle, I’m definitely just average.

  73. Iatemine says:

    Ahh…the Lefty lies abound! This article not only makes zero sense (Conservatism is a lifestyle and ideology that crosses all races, it is about living within cultural boundaries and laws and only spending what you have, not other peoples money)) but is an outright lie! Why is it the Left has to completely lie about their intentions rather than let them stand on their own merit?

  74. NELLA2125 says:

    Well this covers DemonRats also BECAUSE they are the MOST racist people in America !

  75. Frances Haldeman says:

    Interesting picture of the KKK a wholly DEMOCRATIC led hate group Stop trying to rewrite history you are the low IQ people

  76. rapunzel972 says:

    Biggest bunch of crap ever printed.

  77. Merle Burbaugh Jr says:

    Almost all the racists are Democrats which negate the two or three that pretend to be smart. KKK is, was, and always will be a Democrat organization. New studies prove that you take liberal bias out of the equation and Conservatives are smarter than liberals AND are more knowledgeable of facts vs liberal myths. BLM, New Black Panthers, DNC, Obama, all are extreme racists. Did you know some still try to blame GOP for slavery yet the first slave owner was black and more slaves in LA. were owned by blacks than whites? Facts they try to ignore because it doesn’t fit the lie they want their ignorant lemmings to believe.

  78. g-money says:

    The minute you use words like “Teabully” (perhaps a contrived attempt at flaunting your own stellar wit) you can abandon all semblance of scientific credibility. The glaring weakness in this position is in ignoring the concept that anyone who blindly follows any ideology, liberal included, is either sacrificing their intellectual power, or intellectually weak to begin with. This was not science, this was political proselytizing. Yawn…

  79. Ant. I. Liberal says:

    So the “HUMAN” Idiot had Two Ambulance Chasers as parents and was fed Liberal pap since she was a “Human”Kid ! Must be the same genetic defect as the present Mayor “Shyte for Brains” of Philly !

  80. Peter Win says:

    Purely from this article, the logic is one-sided and inconclusive. A-> B does not mean that B-> A. Because low IQ people are more inclined to be racists does not imply racists have low IQ. A similar argument appliesto Conservatism.

    This is sensationalism and poorly presented.

    People believe poorly written articles because they want to believe. I prefer a more scientific approach.

  81. Davidp4660 says:

    Liberals did the surveys. Talk about low IQs.

  82. Timov says:

    I’d like to see a study done in the black ghettos of America to see how their rabid racism and low IQ’s correlate compared to this study…heck, let’s do a similar study with the good folks from ISIS while we’re at it.

  83. CatoYounger says:

    If liberals are so smart, why are you all too scared to stand on your own two feet? Why do you have to suck on the teat of Big Government?

  84. S. D. Hubinette says:

    Well, I have seen proper studies which support this position, citations are required to confirm statements.

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