Watch Peewee Football Team Rally Around 6-Year-Old Bullying Victim

Football team defends their water boy

Six-year-old Danny Keefe of Brockton, MA likes to wear a tie, jacket, and fedora most days, even to school. Cuz he looks so dang cool dressing that way, that’s why. And his best friends — the entire?Williams Intermediate School Peewee football team — think he does, too. So if you’re going to bully Danny, you’re going to have some explaining to do.

Danny suffers from a speech disability and other health problems as a result of a brain hemorrhage after birth. It hasn’t slowed him down, however, and he greatly enjoys his job as “water coach” for the Bridgewater Badgers Div. 5 football team.

Danny is devoted to his job and much appreciated and loved by his team members, so when they heard he was being bullied at Mitchell Elementary School, it was more than a team of big-hearted pint-sized tough guys could handle, so they did something amazing; they dressed up in hats, jackets, and ties and declared Nov. 20 “Danny Appreciation Day.” They, the went to pay a visit to Danny’s school.

Football team defends their water boy
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For Danny? It was “the best day ever.”

As he prepared for bed that night, he began to cry. His mother, Jennifer, asked him why, and he said that he felt ?happy and loved.

In case you think Danny is a lucky little boy, the Badgers would beg to differ. It’s they who are lucky, they say, to have someone like Danny on their team. Said 10-year-old?Brett Jackson:

Whenever I see the big, huge smile on his face, it makes my day. He keeps his head high.

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