Charmin Tweets Hilarious Thor Toilet Meme, Deletes It Quickly (VIDEO)

Oh, Charmin, come on! You’re the only folks we know who have always succeeded in making toilet paper and “going”….well….FUN. Since 1928, you’ve been the inspiration behind the “incredible bathroom experience.” YOU introduced the four roll pack. You’ve managed, for the first time in the history of the world (as far as we ever want to know), to romanticize “pooping” and helping people “enjoy the go.” So why oh why did you “go” wipe your Twitter clean and delete this tweet?

Charmin Thor Tweet

Charmin tweeted this epic image of the beloved Charmin bear using Thor’s legendary hammer, Mjolnir, as a toilet paper roll but almost immediately deleted the Tweet. A screenshot of the tweet was (fortunately) captured by GeekOSystem.

Charmin isn’t just jumping on the?Thor?bandwagon. They want you to know that they’ve always been an Asgardian. Get it? Because it sounds like ?ass guardian? and they make toilet paper ? for your butt. This is brilliant marketing at its finest. (GeekOSystem)


Enjoy the go!

h/t and image via?GeekOSystem

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Written by Tiffany Willis Clark

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