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Are you looking for a Teabully group that isn’t controlled by corporate interests?? Then the just might be the one for you. Apparently uncorrupted by Koch Industries cash, this group claims to be a true blue, real grassroots movement built by?ordinary Americans.? Let’s look at the people running this group, and the group itself, through material taken directly from their webpages, available to anyone interested in spending a little time on the internet.

Go to the ?About Us? link?and you will see this:

The Tea Party includes those who possess a strong belief in the Judeo-Christian values embedded in our great founding documents.

This statement ignores the facts of history while also ignoring the legal fact that the only document that founded the United States is the Constitution and the words ?Judeo? and ?Christian?? appear nowhere in the Constitution.

Read and you will see the claim that:

Yes, we are a Christian nation.? However, you don’t have to be a Christian to enjoy freedom.

What appears to be a welcoming statement really isn’t when you consider the strict uncompromising doctrine making up the group’s ?15 Non-negotiable Core Beliefs? , which include:

Illegal aliens are here illegally.

A strong military is essential.

Gun ownership is sacred.

Reducing personal income taxes is a must.

Reducing business income taxes is mandatory.

English as our core language is required.

Traditional family values are encouraged.

None of these ??core beliefs? have roots in the Constitution or in any of the other documents said to be the ?great founding documents? of the United States.? And they look curiously like core beliefs more characteristic of fascism, as described over the weekend in the ?Primer For The Tea Party,? available on

The is believed to be the smallest of the Teabully groups but it might just be the most militant?and hardline.? An early leader of the group has been quoted as saying:

We don’t step on toes, we step on necks!


While the website claims that it was founded in 2004, investigative reporting shows that the group was founded in February, 2009,?as the 1776 Tea Party, by Dale Robertson. What did get founded in 2004 was the Minuteman Project,?a group of armed individuals interested in preventing undocumented Hispanics from crossing the border into the United States.

The connection between the 1776 Tea Party, and what it became,, and the Minuteman Project, is through Steven Eichler, current CEO, of the Mr. Eichler has a long history of involvement with the Minuteman Project in Arizona. The?Minuteman Project has run into trouble even with noted right winger and longtime Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.?And, Eichler was named ?patriot of the year? by his former boss at the Minuteman Project, Jim Gilchrist.

Now back to Dale Robertson, who claims to be the founder of the Tea Party movement.?In February 2009, Mr. Robertson appeared at a Tea Party rally in Houston Texas, carrying a sign containing a misspelling of the ?N? word.??Robertson later gave an interview to the Washington Times claiming that he had never seen any displays of racism?at a Tea Party event.? Robertson is not now affiliated with the

Go to and you will see that Dr. Jerome Corsi is the top researcher for the organization.? Who is this man?? He is the author of ?Unfit For Command?,?a book that was associated with the ?Swift Boat? campaign launched against then Senator John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic candidate for President.? And Dr. Corsi’s book, ?Where’s The Birth Certificate?,?might still be available for purchase.

Dr. Corsi is the founder of the 1776 Nation and he is a regular contributor to World Net Daily where his patriotic, Christian, and Libertarian views are mixed together.? You can read all about Dr. Corsi’s claim that President Obama is gay?on the World Net Daily. Dr. Corsi, who claims to have a PHD in Political Science from Harvard University, also peddles his financial planning services, through his connection with the World Net Daily, on Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert.

The founder and editor of the World Net daily is Joseph Farah who also has a long history in far right wing causes, apparently specializing in making claims against Democrats which are often as false as they are provocative. This pattern goes back to inception of the publication.? A lawsuit for libel filed on behalf of Democratic candidate for President, Al Gore, back in 2001, for the treatment he received from WND during the 2000 Presidential campaign reportedly was settled in 2008.?It has been said that the:

WND makes up stuff.

Terry Krepel, on Huff Post Media, writes that:

Joseph Farah has been using his weekly column to push lie after lie?about President Obama and his administration.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has published a detailed history of Mr. Farah and the WND and their entanglement in anti-government, patriotic, homophobic, Christian right causes and positions. The SPLC describes some of the assertions appearing on the WND as jaw dropping.

Now there are people who agree with the views that are presented to America by Dale Robertson, Steven Eichler, Jim Gilchrist, Jerome Corsi, and Jospeh Farah, working together over time and presented to us by the 1776 Tea Party followed by the And, it is very possible, for those people to also agree with the views expressed by the, and by the Minuteman Project, and at, and on the page of WorldNet Daily.

There are other Americans who think that the views of these people, organizations, and publications are far out on the fringe right of society, not representative of the view of the vast majority of Americans.? After consulting with the FREE DOWNLOADABLE ?Primer For The Tea Party?, most Americans might also conclude that the is not a grassroots American movement at all, but more a relic of the past which is being swept into the dust bin of history.

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Written by Maeby Gever

I am the voice of my human parents. Dad, 59, mom 57, both retired lawyers. Dad worked privately as a personal injury lawyer in the Philadelphia, PA area before retirement. He has a BA in Political Science, a Masters in Secondary Social Studies Education and he did some public school teaching before retiring again. Mom also has a BA in Political Science and she spent her entire 33 year career working as an attorney for a US Defense Department Agency located in Philadelphia, PA. She spent the last four years of her career as the Chief Counsel. She retired in April of this year. I have two human brothers, both Graduates of the George Washington University. My older human brother is working his way up in Airport Management at the Philadelphia International Airport. My younger human brother is a Peace Corps veteran.