A New Week Of Crazy Tea Party Incidents







1) Rafael Cruz, a Pastor, Cuban refugee, and the father of Senator Ted Cruz, has been known to make some really outrageous statements. The elder Cruz has been wooing FreedomWorks?and the Heritage Foundation in his quest to convince the?Tea Party that his son should be the Republican nominee for President in 2016.? Pastor Cruz has previously instructed the President to go back to Kenya.? The good Pastor believes that he has the ability to disprove evolution and that President Obama believes he is God.?Now Pastor Cruz has accused homosexuals of stealing the term ?gay?, a word he claims Evangelical Christians prefer to express that they are happy, in order to promote the Liberal view of:

Political Correctness

So now we know. The guy who believes that his son is destined by God?for greatness, and that evolution and Gay rights are Communist plots, also wants the term ?Gay? back.? Evangelical Christians, sometimes they can be so gay.

2) We here at twice?covered the happenings in Washington this week on the ENDA?, which today passed in the Senate. Now we have Michael Peroutka, a Maryland lawyer, here to explain it all. ?Mr. Peroutka is the founder of the ?Institute on the Constitution? which promotes God and the God of the Bible?over everything else. Peroutka also happens to be a White Supremacist.?Peroutka is a member of the ?League Of The South?,a group dedicated to a second southern secession.?Petroutka, speaking with Steve Deace, the Iowa based host of a Christian radio talk show, has warned us that ENDA will eventually force everyone to go gay, adding that:

There is no such thing as a civil right.

He added that all civil rights laws are unconstitutional.

Further evidence that people like Michael Peroutka must believe that the God of the Evangelical Christian Bible must be a right wing political zealot with no grasp of the meaning of the Constitution of the United States.

3) Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association, anti-gay, Christian,?radio talk show host, returns to the list this week with some instructions for all of you out there concerned that your homes just might be demonically possessed.?Fischer gives specific instructions on how to exorcize the devil from your new home purchase, which include anointing corners with oil, shouting away the devil, and prayers over furniture and appliances.









So remember, when you get up in the morning and you need that first cup, turn to your java maker and reverently intone, ?Jesus, can I please get some coffee??

4) Codie Thacker is a Kentucky teenager who was set to run in a cross country race. But after being assigned the number ?666?, which many Christians believe is the mark of the beast,?the young lady refused to wear the randomly generated number and decided to sit out the race.? The young lady had been training for the race since June. ??As crazy as it might sound to others who don’t have the same religious beliefs as young Ms. Thacker, kudos to her for this personal sacrifice which did not impose her views on others. But what about that old children’s rhyme:

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me?


Names, not a problem, but numbers watch out for them.

5) Back in 1943 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that it was not Constitutional,?to force public school students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.? This is still the law??in the United States.? But that didn’t matter to Florida teacher, Anne Daigle-MacDonald,?who thought that it would be a good idea this past September 11 to force one of her fourth graders to do so, even though his religious beliefs (Jehovah’s Witness) forbids worshipping of objects.? The teacher forcibly placed the boy’s hand over his heart.? The teacher was disciplined with a five day suspension without pay.?Now the Constitution forbids a religious test for public employees, but perhaps a test on the Constitution might be a good idea, at the very least for school teachers.

6) David Barton is a Christian Historian who also believes that the Christian Bible?should Govern the United States and that the founding fathers never intended for anyone who was not a Christian to be elected to public office.? Barton also was considering the calls from Teabully activists to run in the Republican primary for Senate in Texas?for the seat now being held by John Cornyn, but he has apparently decided against it. ?Mr. Barton also believes that climate change is real but not for reasons that scientific experts would give for this reality.? No, Barton believes that God is angry?because abortion is now legal and God is having a hissy fit warming up the planet to punish us.? You can’t make this stuff up.? Or can you?







7) There is no proof of any significant voter fraud anywhere in the United States which requires the new voter ID laws which have proliferated in recent years. These laws are being challenged in court.? Every case has shown at best, only a handful of incidents of voter fraud, while millions of minority, poor, elderly and female voters are prevented from voting. The cases also show that it is the specific intention of those laws to disenfranchise Democratic voters.







Here is a fix for the problem of voter fraud that exists only in the minds of the Teabully Party.? If you have voted before, you get to vote in the next election. After you cast your vote, you get a photo ID, at the expense of the State, which can then be used as your Photo ID in the next election and any future election.? New voters, including those who have moved from a previous State or precinct within the State, must apply to vote. Once they go to vote in the first election after they get registered, the same process would apply.

This will take the issue away from the right wing and solve the problem that doesn’t exit.

8) If you listened to the speech that Republican candidate for Virginia Governor, Ken Cuccinelli?gave on election night after he lost the race to Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, you would think that Cuccinelli had won instead of McAuliffe.? Cuccinelli insisted that his loss had really proven how unpopular Obamacare is with the American public.? Yes, when it comes to the Teabully Party, they really can win for losing.

9) No list of crazy Teabully incidents can really be complete without Glen Beck.? The Beckster has convinced himself that, despite all evidence to the contrary in the form of the results of the most recent elections and the most recent polling, the Teabully Party is winning.? Beck also thinks that he is the only guy?who understands the American people.? Good thing that Beck’s audience is so small, because whatever it is that Beck is selling, we don’t want it.

10) The idea that that Teabully Party typifies real America is demographically inaccurate and frightening to the vast majority of Americans who really do come in all ages, colors, genders, from all different places, and with a variety of religious backgrounds and political views.? In the world of Glen Beck and the world of the Teabully, Americans are all white, they are all Christian, they are older, they come mostly from Red States, they are under educated, and they, like many Americans, are struggling with reality.? Just watch this video from a 2010 Glenn Beck Teabully rally?then make your own judgment as to what is happening.


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Written by Maeby Gever

I am the voice of my human parents. Dad, 59, mom 57, both retired lawyers. Dad worked privately as a personal injury lawyer in the Philadelphia, PA area before retirement. He has a BA in Political Science, a Masters in Secondary Social Studies Education and he did some public school teaching before retiring again. Mom also has a BA in Political Science and she spent her entire 33 year career working as an attorney for a US Defense Department Agency located in Philadelphia, PA. She spent the last four years of her career as the Chief Counsel. She retired in April of this year. I have two human brothers, both Graduates of the George Washington University. My older human brother is working his way up in Airport Management at the Philadelphia International Airport. My younger human brother is a Peace Corps veteran.