Scary! China Has Dog Heads On Supermarket Shelf – HALLOWEEN HOAX!

So, are you looking for something to really creep you out this Halloween? Looks like some of you got it a little early.


dog heads

You may have seen this photo of Dog Heads for sale for human consumption in the far away land of China. The image has gone viral and it’s got everyone in a Halloween tizzy! And some are even reporting that this Asian Delicacy is “heading” (get it) over here to our lovely land where we too can partake.


It’s a Hoax folks.

Yes, it got many of us… even some fellow writers got caught in this web of deception. But it’s not happening. Just like our GOP Congress. A FRAUD. A HOAX. A DECEPTION.

However there is an Asian Populace who do eat dog meat.


Edited/Published by: SB