Hate Crimes: Man Beats Up Men Speaking Hebrew, Thinks They’re Mexicans

What could damper a racist man’s?day more than being arrested? Probably being arrested for committing a hate crime on the wrong group of people, and then admitting the mistake. Whoops.

On Saturday, Dylan T. Grall of Janesville, Wisconsin, was arrested and charged with battery after viciously beating two Hebrew speaking men. Grall was walking down North Henry Street when he passed by the two gentlemen speaking Hebrew to each other. He first verbally lashed out at them and then took it upon himself to physically assault both men. ?According to police, he felt it was a misunderstanding because, well, he thought they were speaking Spanish.

Oh, well geez, in that case?.

Despite his ?accidental mistaken identity,” the police will be charging this man with two counts of battery and a hate crime enhancer.


Grall originally denied blacking one man’s eye and beating the other over the head, but said he did tell them to ?Speak English.? This was later proven wrong when a witness to the account placed Grall as the person handing out this hateful beating.

Cases of hate crimes, from racial to lifestyle, seem to be on a rise in this country. Fortunately for the residents of Janesville the justice system is not standing for any acts of hate against people, even if the offender feels they have targeted the wrong group. ?It’s lucky for those residents Grall was dumb enough to point out his mistake, otherwise, who knows who the next victim might be.

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Written by Stephanie Kuklish

I am a 30 something writer passionate about politics, the environment, human rights and pretty much everything that effects our everyday life. To stay on top of the topics I discuss, like and follow me at and .