Tasteless Trayvon Martin Halloween Costume Enrages The Internets

As if today’s Halloween costumes weren’t shocking enough, three costume clad individuals decided that making fun of a tragic situation was, oh so funny. The Global Grind was sent numerous photos of a shocking Halloween costume making fun of Trayvon Martin’s untimely death.

The death of Trayvon Martin has been a hugely publicized and horribly tragic event in the past year, and the costumes portrayed in these Facebook and Instagram pictures show a lack of empathy, understanding, and, to be honest, class of any sort.

Its Oh so funny
Its Oh so funny


Covered in brown makeup, one of the white individuals is dressed in a sweat shirt (read: hoodie) and jeans with a splash of fake blood, portraying a bullet wound. The other male is wearing a shirt saying ?Neighborhood Watch.? The pictures show the individuals laughing and joking, pointing at the other one as if he is shooting him.

It is obvious to me the young lady who posted these pictures, and the guys dressed as Trayvon and Zimmerman, have no respect for the life of a young man gunned down in his own neighborhood. If Halloween costumes weren’t crazy enough, now we add heartless people mocking a devastating event that should be teaching people about racism, not adding to the issue. Liberal America attempted to contact the young lady with no reply.

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