Infographic Shows How To Hide From The NSA Online (HUMOR)

nsa spying scandal big brother

There have been a few events in U.S. history that have united most Americans — on both sides of the political spectrum. One such recent event is the cringe-worthy (and worse) NSA (National Security Agency) scandal.

When ?the news of NSA’s (probably) unconstitutional intrusion into our personal lives broke, Americans became:

1) United in NOT liking their?4th Amendment?rights being violated?so blatantly by the NSA

2) Divided over whether or not whistle-blower — or traitorEdward Snowden

One thing is crystal clear. None of us are delighted about having our internet and phone activities monitored by Big Brother. Want to make sure you’re safe from good ole’ Uncle Sam’s and the NSA’S prying eyes? Follow this infographic, courtesy of The Daily Dot.

NSA-Flow-FINAL-JK-3 (1)



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