15 Year-Old Invents Surgical Procedure For Hysterectomy (VIDEO)

Tony Hansberry currently attends Florida A & M University as a bio-medical engineering student. When this brilliant young man was 14, he invented a procedure that cuts the operation time for a hysterectomy by 67 percent.

At age 14 this young man burst onto the medical scene with his revolutionary new surgical procedure.?At the time, Hansberry was attending?Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts and became interested in invasive surgery using laparoscopic instruments.

These instruments allow a surgeon to cut three small entry holes into a patient, rather than a large horizontal incision. Previously, surgeons had been using this technique to sew horizontal sutures after a hysterectomy, but Hansberry wasn’t satisfied. He decided to try using vertical sutures and spent two days perfecting the procedure.

In the video below you can see him confidently demonstrating his procedure and hear the doctors treat him like a professional colleague.

As you can see, Tony Hansberry is also quite humble about his accomplishments, deferring to “real doctors” as the true experts in the medical field and swatting away accolades by saying:

People think I’m a genius. It’s not that at all, I just like medicine.

Even so, his procedure is now being used around the world and is decreasing operation and recovery times for hysterectomies.

Good job, Toni Hansberry! ?The world looks forward to your next medical breakthrough.

edited by Kyla B.