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Better Dead Than TED – Chinese Capitalist Tries To Sell One Party System To America

It seems that the highly popular TED Talk series has now become something of an Amway meeting of the minds, and one Eric Li is selling us his Chinese version of laundry soap. ?All we have to do is sign up to the “what can go wrong” platform he is pitching and wire our life savings over.

There were a few stories recently about the TED Talk given by Li in which he discusses and defends China’s one party system. In the video below tells us why he believes the Chinese system is superior to our own.

There’s only one problem with all this. At no point does TED seem to point out to us that Mr. Li is not an economist and is not a recognized expert in the field of trade. No, not at all. He is a venture capitalist based in Shanghai.


In other words, Mr. Li only makes money if other people invest in China. ?So this whole speech is basically a sales pitch to convince potential investors to place their money in China and maybe if some of it winds his way he’ll be happy to invest it for you. ?No conflict of interest there, is there?

So let’s look at what he says in his performance art piece and see if it’s true or BS.

What do you think?

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