Groundswell: Secret Tape Reveals How Right Wing Group Faked Benghazi ‘Scandal’ – With GOP’s Help

While Justice Clarence Thomas applies his conservative bias to Supreme Court decisions, his wife’s busy drumming up a ‘Groundswell’ of fake Obama scandals.

Many of Barack Obama’s supporters suspected that transforming the 2012 Benghazi attack into the president’s Watergate was a top right-wing goal. Now, Mother Jones reports that a secret tape reveals that Groundswell — a secret conservative political organization — spurred House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) to focus solely on creating a scandal rather than investigating events leading to the attack and deaths of four Americans. Groundswell aimed to use the tragedy to triumph over liberals and President Barack Obama in a so-called ?30 Front War.? Furthermore, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is an integral part of the group.

In other words, like U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, Boehner and Issa got their Groundswell talking points. According to, birther Frank Gaffney clearly outlined the consequences for not completing assigned tasks:

I’m somewhat encouraged that they’re taking this thing very much to heart and we really impressed upon them that there’s a lot of restiveness on the part of folks like us, and some of their donors as a matter of fact, about what ? what’s happening here.

Detractors roundly criticized Rice for her comments about Benghazi, made on Sunday news programs, based on State Department talking points, according to Think Progress. Groundswell clearly defined its intent in various documents, including a memo:

What Groundswell is not is a room of note takers. The goal of Groundswell is to sync messages and develop action from reports and information exchanged.

Notes? from a March 27 meeting show the group’s detailed plan of attack on multiple fronts. It includes the myriad of unsuccessful votes to repeal Obamacare. Groundswell wanted lawmakers to use the votes to ?educate constituents.?

The meeting notes also show the group’s commitment to using social media to further its cause. ?Friending? Moms of Boy Scouts Facebook page was among several items on the to-do list. Members were also encouraged to join Rage Against The Media‘s Facebook page.


Ginni Thomas? involvement in Groundswell and other activities has inspired calls for a Supreme Court ethics code, according to a recent Liberal America story.

Thomas founded Liberty Central, a non-profit political organization, which solely opposes President Obama policies, according to Media Matters for America. Liberty Central heavily lobbied against Obamacare, while the Supreme Court deliberated on its constitutionality, U.S. World & Report reported:

[J]ust days after?healthcare law was upheld?(with Clarence Thomas dissenting), new financial forms show that Thomas’s wife, Ginni, continued to rake in a profit from opposing healthcare reforms in 2011–even after she previously came under fire for doing so.

Photo of Groundswell strategist Virginia “Ginni” Thomas — wife of SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas — from Talking Points Memo.

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Written by Jason Carson Wilson

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