Glenn Beck Revisits Chinese Missile Conspiracy. Has He Changed His Mind?

In November 2010, a strange contrail was spotted off the coast of California, and some thought it looked like the trail of a missile launch. Specifically, Glenn Beck.?

Glenn Beck and the Chinese Missile Conspiracy – November 2010

The missile story concocted by Beck was false, of course – it turned to be just an airplane contrail, as attested to by multiple experts and the Pentagon itself.

Unconvinced, Beck declared?days later that it was a Chinese “two-stage missile” ?meant as a “show of force.”

If it was a Chinese missile, why wouldn’t America respond? That’s easy enough. According to Beck, President Obama was a weak America-apologizer who wouldn’t respond to threats. The bigger question is, why would China launch a missile to project force but then never make an announcement taking credit for the missile when everyone thought it was a contrail?

Glenn Beck and the Chinese Missile Conspiracy – Two and a Half Years Later

It’s always a bad idea to try to respond to Glenn Beck with logic. You won’t get anywhere.

Two-and a half years later, Beck still thinks it was a missile, and he included that fact in his new ghostwritten novel “The Eye of Moloch.”


Media Matters transcribed some of the text:

Much like that recent and surprising launch of a Chinese-made ballistic missile from a submarine off the coast of Southern California, the cover stories about the Nevada explosion had flown so thick and fast that the while event had passed immediately into the wacky realm of the conspiracy theorists. (Media Matters)

There’s no reason for Glenn Beck to be so invested in the Chinese missile conspiracy theory. Contrails are scary enough on their own. Just ask Alex Jones.

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