Dunkin Donuts Racist Rant By Woman Backfires

In today’s society of social networking and instant faux celebrity status, there is an abundance of wannabe “next best things”. ?Luckily for most of us, this can provide hours of laughter and entertainment, but with this Dunkin Donuts racist rant by Taylor Chapman, a Florida woman, there is just as much face-palming, embarrassment, and downright jaw hanging as there is laughter.

Taylor Chapman – Most Despised Woman On YouTube

As we all know, common sense is not so common. This is clearly established with Taylor Chapman as she goes on her Facebooking rampage at Dunkin Donuts for, perish the thought, not giving her a receipt; and then not honoring the sign regarding not giving receipts!

The situation that Miss Chapman’s rampage creates leaves itself open to so many criticisms.

  • The most glaring in this Dunkin Donuts racist rant by Taylor Chapman is the irony created in that she claims that the woman who refused to honor the fact that she did not present a receipt to her, called her a dumb b****; yet the way she is acting could be described as the same thing…and worse.
  • The fact that she keeps telling that poor innocent man working the counter that she is recording the whole incident for Facebook leaves one to wonder… why? ?Why does she keep telling him that? ?Does she think that he is going to kiss her feet and beg forgiveness so as to not look bad on Facebook? ?Does she feel as though it is her legal obligation to tell him that she is filming him, although I would be willing to bet the phone she has posted in his face was already a pretty good indication?
  • What about the poor customer who walked in during the whole fiasco to get his iced coffee and bagel and was confronted by the hysterical digital Diane Sawyer acting a fool?
  • Then the conclusion of the semi-confrontation with the dreaded recipe with-holder. ?It makes you wonder why this woman would call Miss Chapman such a rude name doesn’t it? ?It is hard to believe that Miss Chapman could have ever mistreated this woman to the point of making her lash out in such a way, I mean sand-n***er is a term of endearment isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, of course we have all been in a situation that has escalated to the point of name calling, especially when trying to lash out at the person who called the first insulting name, but in Miss Chapman’s case, it is hard to argue that the shoe may not fit. ?What did Miss Chapman hope to accomplish with this temper tantrum that she pulled in front of the whole world? ?What was she hoping to accomplish by recording the whole incident? ?Is she better off for having done it? ?At the end of the day, the biggest issue that I struggle to understand is, who stays upset that long about a receipt? ?Why would something like a receipt result in a racist rant at Dunkin Donuts? I suppose that in the end she achieved internet infamy.


Watch this crazy video.

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Written by Tiffany Willis Clark

Tiffany Willis Clark is a fifth-generation Texan, a proponent of voluntary simplicity, a single mom, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Liberal America. An unapologetic member of the Christian Left, she has spent most of her career actively working with “the least of these" -- disadvantaged and oppressed populations, the elderly, people living in poverty, at-risk youth, and unemployed people. She is a Certified Workforce Expert with the National Workforce Institute, a NAWDP Certified Workforce Development Professional, and a certified instructor for Franklin Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. She also has a grossly neglected personal blog, a  Time Travel blog, a site dedicated to encouraging people to  read classic literature 15 minutes a day, and a literary quotes blog that is a labor of love. Find her somewhere and join the discussion.

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